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illinformed Fiyyyaaaaahhhh!!

joeshire this is sticky icky illy G

oab Oh my gawsh!!! thank you guys

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wrdy Yesyess sick lol

evalazarus Siiiiiiick!!!!!!!

gracesavage @evalazarus :D xxxx repost?

evalazarus Obvs!

gracesavage @evalazarus that was quick work you nifty ninja!

gracesavage @evalazarus Thanks darling xxx

repoockaoss Wow!! pure

repoockaoss So talented!! Keep it up!

kryptik FU-KIN SIK!

notesproducer supadupa

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emarley Real bars man

bigsmokinjoe sick beat and deep bars. bigs ups Mr Green

liamgreenmusic Respect for the love

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Rugged Cat
Beat by saulthesame
Shouts @saulxl on the beat!! Little dittys bah bah black teeth #bars #ukhh #rapsyh


fordz kleeetus lettin it buss

saulthesame big up man! went in

cptcletus @fordz my amigo, ur merkin it compadre big up Thornton road!!!, @saulxl big up man! Beats too illy !

grillo Hott

ricksta Nice g, check out my profile man got a beat on there you would kill.

genghisdaze them bars

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Fucx your 808🔇(N.W.A)
#hiphop #experimental #boombap usic For 9stop™ Does something strange !! Love 2 3xperiment


emarley Mad one

9stop @emarley thank you brethren

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hazelkari Oiii oiii this is big

bigsmokinjoe faaaakin ell! big tune!


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beat i made last night


jayeff Always on point bruvva, this beat is silky smooth

joeshire There's that 87 g! ;)

fordz just spat on this g, silky smoooooth like its already been said

saulthesame @jayeff @fordz @joeshire blessssssss!

bahia Just sang on this :)

fordz full beat out soon anywhere? would love to spit a trak on dis

raad Love this

hank_hiller Nice crunch

hazelkari Such a beaut

genghisdaze Incredible

saulthesame @jayeff @joeshire @fordz @bahia @raad @hank_hiller @hazelkari @genghisdaze blesss guys! much love for showing some.

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twisted PlasticMannn

jyager Oh yeah

sosouthern Sickkk

sosouthern Oiyoiii this one is crack

kutz yes stish!! sick man

foden On a high hat pitching ting.... Bad man

justjosh101 Jesus

aaronbless Cold

sinzae This cold

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nikimukhi Sick!