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Raul Terrazas

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milver Sick!

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lrd Yes brother. Killed it.

kaligrafi @lrd Big up man

lrd @kaligrafi we gotta do something bro.

kaligrafi @lrd no doubt g been meaning to bless one of your beats

lrd @kaligrafi yeah defo. I'll look forward to it!

budhoundz big bars

kaligrafi @kryptic3 cheers g

djevidenz Killed the flow


mrconcept Sick man

kaligrafi @djevidenz @raad @mrconcept

miccalibre Killin it!

viciouscreep jheeeez

mrslipz Hard as fudge mang

harvsletoad next level

mrslipz Init harvs this dude is too much!!

kaligrafi @harvsnbone @mrslipz bless g's

harvsletoad wanna get you on this album i'm working on with Vitamin G x KLB .. add me on facebook harvs moulton

seldom Fiyah!

marston This is dope

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quick beat i put together #USvibe #dts #hiphop


taemintekken Good job bro !! , check my beat, I hope you'll like it

docskeng This beat is so dope I couldn't not drop a verse, let us know if it's for sale

docskeng I'll send you a message on soundcloud bro, peace

sicksixet How can I get this beat to lace outside of brapp this is so dope

joeshire sully my G - gunna lace one on this tomorrow x

ellstone is this beat available anywhere ?


eternal510 i like this super chill beat. what program do you use?

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lastdoghung Nice

djevidenz Thanks Bredda @lastdoghung

monstermatt I like the choppy style and the drums are fat! Nice cuts too

djevidenz Thanks for listening man @monstermatt

eternal510 what kind of sample is this?

eternal510 i like this one!! dope track

djevidenz @eternal510 I don't remember exactly, might be classical type sample. I usually go for soul, so could be that too. Thanks for listening liking and re posting

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mskal heavy!!!!!!!

akhash MATE !!!!!!!! Fuckin Sick vibe !

vard Fkin hard

jakaio heavy!! can I use this one bro?

kermit heavy!

zico Absolutely massive! Where can I find the full thing?!

at3mmedia Errgghh

eternal510 ughhhh this one go hard foshow!!!!! do more stuff like this

kermit duuude! :D

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nikimukhi This is nuts!!

gig19 oh my lord

raad big ting

raqueldivar Dannng. Lovin the tunes.

bruhluuh Nice!

akhash AOUH !

zico Whoa

viking Oi oi oi! You're beats are the nuts!

drskn_ Oh my fucking God!!

drskn_ This is literally too much man, FUUUUCK!

eternal510 yooooo this song slapppppppppp super hard got damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whooooooooooo definatley on reapeat

aemzo So sick

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sicksixet @7thdown how can I get this beat bro

saulthesame @sicksixet I haven't got much stuff on my Soundcloud but if you message me on there we can sort something for sure bruh..

ptredeyez You need to record that! Sounds nice


mmj Good rap , sick beat

sicksixet @7thdown check you rinbox on soundcloud, dont know if im messaging the right account

sicksixet @barz

spectre Yo big tune bro much respect

sicksixet @spectre respect g

eightysix I hear ya

sicksixet <3 @eightysix @mmj @raad @ptredeyez respect!

ghilburt Your flow is so decent

sicksixet @ghilburt

doc_the_illest Jheeeze

keiosxlek dope broo !!

sicksixetbeats respect my g"s @kelosxlek @doc_the_illest

mimindme This is dope bro follow me bruh

eightysix Did you ever record this ? It's big .. vibes all there

sicksixetbeats @eightysix was before my mac died, gna get it done again love with the beat

eightysix Lyrics more less married to the beat .ayo @saulthesame you two need to make this happen then I can jump on track too

sicksixet know this

trauma74 Ill bro. I got some nice beats for u man. Check them. Like to hear u on a couple

mazemusic nice flow!

eternal510 great flow. and chill beat. keep it up!!!

aemzo Dope a f

sicksixet @4evablessed thank you <3

kaynashar Yh my Brodi been on this gill scott green for minute got the man dem feeling golden lol bruv we need to do a banger I got the link for grime daily and link up still sicks

kaynashar Real bars that's wat I like about us still no Jubb

kaynashar Jibbaaa jabbba

aemzo @sicksixet

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graziella London

graziella @brapp @foreignbeggars @singers

gwop YES MAAM !!!!! DOPE !!!

cliche Wow

penfoldpoet YeahYeahahhaa

graziella @gwop yes sir!!! Thanks to you tho

alphamemphis omg! this is amazing

graziella @legionclan yay thankyou...

graziella @alphamemphis thankyou!! Xxxx

kinspiffeyjr Dope I love your voice. Ever need any tracks please do reach out #yesmaam

incursive Perfect synergy

graziella @kinspiffeyjr thanks yo! Xxx

graziella @incursive super thanks and super flattered

david_amelei This is to much


eternal510 ay awesome vocals really loving the vibe of the song

mrpopechicago Hey, can I get your email? I would love to send you a song that I'm recording to see if it fits your style

sombrehero wonderful voice

tanqueraylocc Beautiful voice!

davedoggatkins supa you on one of my beats...for shizzzz x

davedoggatkins hi

rratedmuzik Talented

ac_pro90 you are the type of artist i have been looking for

denorthwode on fleek


_chillmode_ @graziella very nice

timeoutbeats Niceeeee

atlasbass Amazing voice, tchek this :)

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kayos Short. But

eternal510 fire!!!!!