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Eva Lazarus

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lilrhys Bristol

djevidenz Daammnn !!!?? Killed it! Will take a lot to top that. Putting this up on my Instagram. It'l be under my name ' djevidenz '

lilrhys Yes @djevidenz! Love that beat too much! You got skills for days!

djevidenz Just realised I'm the first producer you've picked for Brapp. That's love. Don't hesitate to hit up any other beats of mine. Sure you'll sow your oats in others first though lol. Videos on the gram now bro. Represent


mrconcept nice


evalazarus Smaaaaashed it!!!!

3000bass Yes mate. Biggup. Rompa

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raad welcome back @evalazarus we missed you!


elhawk Beautiful

quantumatics Tight

djevidenz Smashing

chesterp Excellent Eva X

budzggg my dayss :O

freestylearmani Great soul

bmgmrecord magic

sim Wow

mskal validé!!!!!

sizezero Wow your voice is off the map!! And your lyricism is on some Lauryn hill flex!!!

nejibinho Pretty awesome beat!

evalazarus @mwoodley this beat is fiiiiiiire! big uppppp!

evalazarus @lrd @sim @mskal thank yooooou!!!

evalazarus @elhawk @quantumatics Merci Danke! X

evalazarus @raad ayyyy thanks love!! Nice to be back!!

evalazarus @djevidenz thanks love!!

evalazarus @chesterp thanks brotha!! Much love X

evalazarus @budzggg @freestylearmani big up!! Thank you!!! X

evalazarus @bmgmrecord cheers lovely!!

evalazarus @sizezero well that's possibly the nicest compliment ever! Thanks a million!!!!!!!

sizezero @evalazarus well deserved!!!

quantumatics I got this d&b tune in the making, it needs some vocals... You like to colab?

dreadeyefreen impressive

mcprincewayne Awesome

sizezero You are so heavy!!!!! Everything you have blessed on here has been unreal!!! Raw fucking talent!!! With a India Aire,Lauryn hill,missy,aretha combo wrapped up in your own style!!! Complete artist & without a doubt you are destined for the stars!!! Salute to you!!!

treethousand Yes! Wicked.

nebula_beatz Wiiiiiiiickeeeed i need your voice for collab

ambishn Great voice! Let me know if you wanna collab.

disgust Ooooowwweeeeee


madeline8 Lushous

madeline8 Goose pimples

specialists dope!


ludwigvandub yeaaa

beatcotheque Love your voice! Talent

mcdannyb Amazing!!! Wanna hit me up with some vocals for a track I'm working on

sliz Your sooooo DOPE we gotta work!

dsgryme that's too much sauce DM me on insta @dsgryme lets work!

xerah This is amaaaazing!!! Alicia Keys vibes wooo fire

bankboy Yo girl... you're big! Let's link up and do this b! Shout me cutie!

mazemusic your voice is amazing!

jagan Big Up outta Belgium...Love & Respect...Blessed

thingy tune!


halvcast We should work

User @evalazarus's avatar

flowtecs wow

chesterp Amazing!

hollyflo *Speechless*

vicebeats Yes Eva! X

sizezero God damn girl!!! Beautiful tone to your voice & quality tune!!!

chesterp Where abouts you based Eva?

evalazarus @flowtecs @duncelectric thank yooooou!!

evalazarus @hollyflo thank you xx

evalazarus @vicebeats @sizezero Merci Danke cheers babz!!

evalazarus @delrokski thank you!!!!!

evalazarus @chesterp Thanks!! I'm Based in Bristol!

nikkyg Sick wow love it girl

kyu_tracks Beautiful!

remulak amazing!

physiks yes yes!

vicebeats You're most welcome! X

ceaze Awesome!!! Amazing talent

mskal damm this voice is so amazing......


deadott everything you do is so ill

olivertruffe Love this!

che_ach Beaut

ambishn Beautiful


shacks U can sing b

rratedmuzik Nice

xanasoulsearchr Dope

leafdog Man this gave me chills... wow

joshuadavid Crazy dope! Jesus gave you an incredible voice! God bless you!

theafrojedi Can u please post just a instrumental version i got a story that futs perfect with this!


magamed Gngg

grsjeremy Nice voice!!! I live it

dkthebarber62 Did u you write this

marston Wow , beautiful voice

dkthebarber62 I’ve actually listened to this so many times so gifted wish I could play the guitar

sop Siiik lets do. Track

vados Давай вместе запишем что нибудь))

donsubstance lovely... miseducation of lauren vibe

thesoulsinger Love it. Very soulful.

hoodldn Bringing me back where there was real music about in the 80s& 90s.

k7tox Bless’ed singing

notesproducer nice and emotional


tugsn I love the sound !

nitel_p A W E S O M E!

waynewebster87 OMG!!! I’m in love with this

guitargurly I love the sound of you’re voice!! Also I’m new here so I hit all the buttons below so if I hit something weird , sorry lol love love love your sound and lyrics? Where are you from?? How long have you been singing?

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raad Love this @evalazarus

cashus Nice lyrics. Great voice.

chesterp That's really nice!


dhackmedia Yes !

jazzychavo got the soul girl! ;)

quantizemusic1 Sick


djevidenz Great !!!

vicebeats beautiful as ever Eva :-) x

joeblow I love eva been a fan of hers for years now

thesinger INCREDIBLE!! I’m an instant fan

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Beat by djvadim
Juuuuuuust Jammin


nikimukhi So amazee

3mb4 jheez

newancients Wooooooooh!! Fyah burnin hot

sosouthern So sick

boombapfestival Smashed it

evalazarus @nikimukhi @embaone thanks bab!!!

evalazarus @sosouthern @boombapfestival aaaayyyy!!! Ta loves!! X

djvadim U should come back studio!!!

montymontana85 Spicy

boombapfestival We need to get you on stage at boom bap festival

evalazarus @djvadim it's gonna go down!!! January! Yaaaaaassss!

evalazarus @montymontana85 thank you

evalazarus @boombapfestival yessss!! That would be doooooope!! Let's make that happen!!

simpz1online bhum fusion x

kayesstee Going in don't stop

alivewithin So good!!

davebass dope!!!

tenbagbanditz This is fuckinG sickkk

ainaroxx Yes Yes.

indigo Wasaaaaah brrrraaaaap


g3nes12 Jheez... That voice is flames straight


_chillmode_ @evalazarus fresh.

rober Nice

rober Wery good

vlackmotor Cool! Hope u sing on my beats!!!

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timeoutbeats Vibes fo real!

newancients Yeah girl, love this.

silverback So so good

wrdy @evalazarus

twoface It's lit yanaaaaaaa!!! Followed

twoface I'm a Gemini too, we do music best ::)

evalazarus @timeoutbeats @newancients @silverback Thank you!!!!

evalazarus @wrdy @twofvce Thanks babz!!

wrdy Send me over something with a hook on ! @evalazarus

young_french Sounds good

staykonked this goes in!

evalazarus @young_french @staykonked thank you!!

henyenvy still coming back to this! <3

User @evalazarus's avatar

wolfxsnake Amazing

ukdistinction Woooi @mynameisnuttyp

ukdistinction & wooooi to @evalazarus of course! Vibes in!

mynameisnuttyp Fireeeee

grillo Awesome!!

illaman Evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


jimijames HTTPS://

ainaroxx Yes yes

mrversatilemind Noice !!!!

silverback Bloody lovely

hazelkari ohh Eva

troublebcn You give me goosbumps.


rollg Wicked

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golddubs Boom!

oooops Aw you guys *schucks*

mojo ©

sosouthern Flyyy


oooops @moj @thepastrymaker @lyza Aw thank you

oooops Sorry! no idea how to tag @@@

percyfilth Nooooiiice. :)

oooops @percyfilth Thanks Mr Filth!

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I Don't Have The Time
Quick kitchen jam before heading out to black swan #acoustic #jam #vibes


jyager Always amazing @evalazarus

evalazarus Aaaaay! @jyager thanks angel!!!

jyager @evalazarus hit me up via email ma it's on my page

silverback Wowsers! @evalazarus (love the knuckle duster mug)

nikimukhi Killingg ittt!!

nikimukhi @silverback lolllzz

bess Love it!!

djma3stro Talented. Check my page for some dope beats, we might put out good music together.

djlok WOI!

konnykon Dopeness

awfer_cot Absolutely amazing!!

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foreignbeggars Union Coop Jumeirah

bobbytank This fuggin guy (joe pesci voice)

gnarlydavidson You're mint

troublebcn Skert skert

jmanbabylondead Hahahh MANLIKESARLMON

evalazarus Haha!!!

gusto Hahaha. Coop wat

armannireign Lol

sosouthern you went inn bro





jives Hahaha murkage

koaste Salllllmon

kutz LOL yes p!

kishkash yo that's

cobes ....Gettin nicked up...!!!

albarizza Can't stop watching this

simonemichelle Dying this is so good

honkenholm Swell. Just swell.

mrpras Haha great shit man you rock

aaronjaunty Haha, love this

matilda Haha yes! That shit is getting put back!

3000bass Yuuup

djvadim In the supermarket doing super hard shit yo! Sounds like kook Keith shit

adibanti Sahlmonds

chylez You killed it as usual, respect Orifice, it would be cool if you could check out my beats. Peace

psyke Radballs Sir!

bushido Haha joker

madengo Creasing hard


mrd funny shit bro

mrslipz Hahaha rad is that a supermarket in uk


foreignbeggars @mrslipz in dubai family

mrslipz Sick man I thought it was not uk was gonna see if I could find that chocolate bar haha

rustyjoints hahaha First line, I'm in


4phit ay

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Always Mad
Felt like picking up my guitar and starting something new! #jam #fuckyourbadvibesbro #tryingtostayhappyoverhere... read more


foreignbeggars Vibes


mrchisti So beautiful...

mcjumanji This

phoebeirondread Jeheeze!

brooklynnstarr Love Eva


nikimukhi Best!!

eightysix Yep

chesterp That was beautiful Eva really enjoyed it! Thank you

3mb4 nicee

evalazarus @foreignbeggars @graziella

evalazarus @mrchisti @mcjumanji thank you!!

evalazarus @phoebeirondread thank you sis!! We gotta jam soon!

evalazarus @Brooklynnstarr @montymontana85 big upppppp!!!

evalazarus @nikimukhi @eightysix Ayyyyyyy!! Thanks babz!!

evalazarus Hey!!! @chesterp Thank you so much!!

mcjumanji would legit want to lay a collab down with that voice @evalazarus

quantizemusic1 liveeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

slowz If u can do more like that! I rate ur others but that was bang on! U should be makin crazy money real shit!

nebula_beatz coooooooolab =)

quantumatics Collab? I got a tune maybe

fionajane Bloomin' gorgeous

User @nikimukhi's avatar

Need some beats with just drums to mess with x #flamenco #guitar #falseta #brappodelucia #solo


metropolis I got you

nikimukhi @metropolis sweet! Wonna play on some beats x


metropolis @nikimukhi just drums or can I throw in some bass?

nikimukhi @metropolis... Love bass x

jash_the_reen Skills !


nikimukhi Thanks !! @rowdieberaht @jash_the_reen @evalazarus


hoyx Über dope! @nikimukhi

nikimukhi Thanks guys! X

chesterp I'm loving your guitar playing niki! Truly brilliant!

nikimukhi Thank you @chesterp !! The feeling is mutual, always known you as an Mc then was completely floored by your guitaring too! Called P long distance just to say holysmokes!!

chesterp Ah mate thanks for the kind words i only been playing five years so got a lot to learn but it's coming together now! This flamenco stuff is mind blowing though! It really is! Peace bro

guitargurly Fabulous!! Can’t wait to get some vids up!! Wow that was mind blowing!!