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TheMusicBully London, UK

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Ivy Lab - Magikess
Heavy new beat from Ivy Lab's new EP forthcoming on Critical - #PeninsulaEp - #hiphop #halftime #futurebeats


ladyspi Dope


dsgryme next level shit fam, its mad!

jaymilky010 Oh my dayssssss

inovativemc Sheezus!

ratta Sick tune

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Beat by dirtybuckle
The amount of times i had to redo this verse because of glitching and out of sync stuff . Anyhoot! This is the... read more


dirtybuckle It Worked! Sounding great....."hypocrites in church" haha love it

evon @dirtybuckle . Lovely jubley. Wikid best bro. Glad u approve

evon @margo beat*

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Poor Bitches
Beat by djdaredevil
Another throw back rhyme , infact its the 2nd verse to my track #BurnMics produced by #DSP #Ninjatunes which is the... read more


nom4dic Sarrffff!! Dat flow doe

geebag Evy D????

djoserpharaoh Fuckin Luvvv this!!!

raad fuego

evon @nomadic1 ha ha dun know! Thank you nomadic

evon @djoserpharaoh aww thank you, coming from you means a lot

evon @raad yes yes raad, thank you

evon @geebag .. but you know my old name tho ....

geebag @evon I remember when you was a teenager spitting at shows!

evon @geebag . Oh boy lol. One of dem ones yh. It was sooooo long agoooo. Now I'm some OAP still trying it lol

geebag @evon I was chatting to DJ Elaynes son this year and said you remember Evy D?? Two twos I buck you on here!

evon @geebag lol yes bro , it's crazy, gotta love technology.#brapptv got all the dope old heads up on here lol

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BurnMics - dog ran into the pond!!!
Beat by djdaredevil
Another old rap verse... however one of my dogs ran into the pond ... like... why?? Lol #brapp #hiphop... read more


raad boom

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foreignbeggars YES YES!!!!!!!!!



knrs Mad talent!

cookiemonstauk Siiickk

zarahjones Girl you are sick!!!!!!!

mskal nice

shotgunshell My days!!!! Yes girl!

darksoul This is naughty! Man like Mr Slash was heavy with the orchestral elements haha one of dem nostalgic riddims

viking So Dope

docskeng Fiyahhhhh

nebula_beatz Daaamn


123diggy nice

duggibeats Dun kno fammmm

sicksixet easy now ! woiiiiiii

erraticjay Truly erratic & divine

keiosxlek Daammnn !!! Burn iit !!

dirtyswitch Yes mad

g3nes12 Went in

skatta Smashing it

dirtybuckle That's awesome!

dhuz Respect!! :)

soulsinger21 That was dope

kdin ЖЫЫЫР!!!

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Jet Lag Frees
Beat by jaisu
Late night harmonics and slide jam on this ridiculous @jaisu funk #slide #guitar #funk


cheddar I'd love to rap over the beat and guitar

nikimukhi Big up @cheddart

nikimukhi @bullfunkzoo x

jaisu sick bro!

b_clever That sounds sick bro

oozhe Yesssssssss

nikimukhi Thanks guys!! @jaisu @b_clever @oozhe glad you're feeling it!! Love this beat loads

newancients Freakin amazing niki!! Keep it up bro

jfield This is nice man!

eightysix Cheddaart said what I been thinkin too for a while . Interlinked brapplin @nikimukhi usual standard of stringpullin excellence #harmonyslide

slowz Nice 1 man, that was hella cold!

grillo So cool

nikimukhi Big up you guys!! @newancients @gauk @eightysix @shadow @grillo @hirollabeats Dons!

jfield Bless homie!

quantizemusic1 harrrrddddddddd

nikimukhi Thanks!!! @quantizemusic1

quantumatics Dayum

keiosxlek daaaammmnn sample de la FF marginal music !!!

shubzmusic fire

nikimukhi Thank you guys for the !! @quantumatics @keiosxlek @shubzmusic @moonsidesound @loddzilla

dsgryme Crazy DM me on insta @dsgryme lets work!

jagan Big Up outta Belgium...Love & Respect...Blessed

incursive Nasty

dtaeallday Finesse god

nikimukhi @dtaeallday @incursive @jagan @dsgryme thank you guys!!

djoserpharaoh NICE!

evon Always vibzin to ya vibez

nikimukhi Hey thank you!! @evon @djoserpharaoh


nikimukhi @beatsbyproctor thank you!!

aemzo Jheeeeeezzzzzz

nikimukhi @4evablessed thank yous!!

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anishbeats dope

madengo #levels


viciouscreep 0.0.......cant believe it....nealry caught a heartattack !!!

viciouscreep unbelievably dope!!!

viciouscreep shall i send you this beat? :)))

reemremi Jheeeeezzzz when the legends speaks u gotta listen una

sizezero the god!!!


mrverse Ahhhhh chess. You have my headphones.

rebelaca It's hard to encapsulate what you mean to all of us captured at the gate. Trying to push through. Lieing about whose who. I'm you. But a version that you're hate. You're me, but a version that I love and try replicate.

agzillabeats #legend...dope beat too!!! Zz.

nebula_beatz FAT

lewmatic still the best!!! task eff ohh arr cee eee



rondeux Bruv

docskeng Big up g, been a fam from day, check out my beats if you can bro!

warlordbaker Still murking tracks

apollo That just made my day king! Big up


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djoserpharaoh Detroit

ezybeatz Droppin heat brotha! Speaking truth!

evon Love it

dirtybuckle Dope ! I love this

bigdigmusic This is dope!

iamcas Whuuuuut

mg4c Cords, Breh.

ta_ma_ra FIRE!!


raad yes yes

percyfilth Noice

quantumatics Wow

biskone Dam man you're dope

djoserpharaoh @biskone thanks bro!

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djoserpharaoh Detroit

boneintell Dope fam ! How ya been ?

djoserpharaoh @boneintell Aye bro! Thanks! I've been doing alright, how bout you?

nikimukhi Beauty!!

djoserpharaoh @nikimukhi thanks bro

aemzo dope voice

djoserpharaoh @4evablessed thank you sista!! You doin yo thang over there too!

jdanproductions So smooth jheeez Let me know if you'd like the full instrumental

evon So happy ya on here everyone needs to hear ya voice

djoserpharaoh @jdanproductions great track man!! It's beautifully done. Glad you like what I added to it!

djoserpharaoh @evon heyyyyyy thank youI didn't even know this was a thing lol! It's great!!

jdanproductions Yeah man big up for that, you completely caught the vibe I was looking for. Dope vocals, D'Angelo/Bilal kinda wave, you completed the music... More than happy to send you the full version to make a full song. Got E-mail?

djoserpharaoh @jdanproductions definitely man love both of them. My only issue with the track is that it reminds me so much of that Eric Benet song and "Untitled" by D'Angelo, it will be hard to create something that sounds completely original, but I'm willing to give it spin.

jdanproductions Yeah it's an honour to be likened to those kinda dudes still. Trying to think which Eric track you mean but my instrumental is in the same Time Signature as Untitled. I'm sure you'll wave it off, I'll try send you it asap

djoserpharaoh @jdanproductions the Eric Benet tune is called "Sometimes I Cry" and it sounds just like "Untitled" lol.

jdanproductions Yeah again it's the same time Time Signature. Might even be in the same key as Untitled.

djoserpharaoh Naw man it's not just the time signature they're all the same vibe and sound, but again, I'll see what I can do

evon @djoserpharaoh lol I know right!! Neither did I, but it's great for us artists for sure

mrconcept amazing voice send me something to mix :)

djoserpharaoh @mrconcept thanks man! Planning on one of your tracks soon.

raad Dayum

shacks Ur peak my g

_chillmode_ @djoserpharaoh get it bro.

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evon Dope

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Beat by retro90
How many fuck ups have you made ey??? #Brapp #trap #beats #tmb #freestyles #fuckups


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Don't Go
A smooth soulful HipHop beat, made using loops. Share, like, comment repost and iml love to hear whAt you do over the... read more