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Ezra Gray

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#rap #hiphop #jcole kinda vibe on this one


ezragraymusic love this

iconbeats Thank you @sundance

iconbeats @ezragraymusic

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nikimukhi Dope!!


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lrd Yes brother. Killed it.

kaligrafi @lrd Big up man

lrd @kaligrafi we gotta do something bro.

kaligrafi @lrd no doubt g been meaning to bless one of your beats

lrd @kaligrafi yeah defo. I'll look forward to it!

budhoundz big bars

kaligrafi @kryptic3 cheers g

djevidenz Killed the flow


mrconcept Sick man

kaligrafi @djevidenz @raad @mrconcept

miccalibre Killin it!

viciouscreep jheeeez

mrslipz Hard as fudge mang

harvsletoad next level

mrslipz Init harvs this dude is too much!!

kaligrafi @harvsnbone @mrslipz bless g's

harvsletoad wanna get you on this album i'm working on with Vitamin G x KLB .. add me on facebook harvs moulton

seldom Fiyah!

marston This is dope

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MRC #1 // Joe Shire
Moon runners collective brings you there first video featuring rapper and fellow braptavist, joeshire live in... read more


jayeff Ahaaa jheeeze bruvva @joeshire

oab i hope you put some change in the pot !

joeshire @oab bought the album G! $10 to the cause

oab thanks My diggy!

oab @joeshire

eightysix BIG

starseedbeats Awesome !

kyu_tracks Sick! MRC!!!

mowgli_beats dope


marston That’s dope

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