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Imaginary Thug Life Pt.1
Beat by badhabitz
This is for all those fake thugs that lack imagination, if your gonna lie you may as well make it interesting,... read more


chesterp @badhabitz

5stageneral Always massive!!! Shit I remember vibing to your monster freestyles back in my teens a #mudlumz Camden lock. Most respect due!!

tomryan All hail the King!!! Crazy

rev_records Chessmonster

ghosttownbeats badman

gramsofdroe Nobody more to the point than Chester! Real talky talk!

knrs Went in!!!

golden_nine Thug life


spidalee He went in differently one of UK God fathers of hip hop

onelion_sound Yes chess!

dizraeli I carry guns as big as fuckin lampposts... Gave me a proper chuckle to start the day. Big big ups.

hammerhead333 Always speaks the truth. Absolute poet. A legend of UK rap!!

sosouthern Ayyyy man like chester


missmiakang Oh my

ayahmarar Dope

asherd The King returns.

blksn Goose bumps! Big up!

djvadim U still one of da best Chester! Mad respect

chesterp @djvadim cheers vadski

nikimukhi Standardly smashing it!

adibanti Chesrteeeeeerrrrrrrrrr

cecilmcfarrell @chesterp big up. I bought mftc vol. 1 on cd. Your verses on 'it's over' I thought were the dopest ever. Recently bought mftc 5 ( online) and holy moly! Blessings to you & Farms.. "All I wanna do is to be you"

lowlife Sick!!!

futurarhymez Yes!!!!! Oh my fucking god the flow and delivery off every lyric on here is just insane! @chesterp huge respects! How haven't I seen this!

grjoemusic Wow you went in

biskone Chester is the king

duggibeats Chess monster!!


notesproducer Sick!

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Full version and more on my soundcloud.


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newancients Baybeh bayybeh!!

lastdoghung @newancients @thebreaks cheers for the reposts guys

sicksixet Brrrrraaaaaaavvvvvvvvvv

lastdoghung @sicksixet cheers my man!

lastdoghung Cheers for the repost @faycbeats appreciate it

faycbeats No worries. Lovin ya beats

lastdoghung Cheers for the repost @elhawk

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Beats For Sale ! - 2 for 1
2 for 1 beat sale !... download link in bio


broomesy Ohhhh shit! Sick!

zarahjones That 3rd beat not sold???

zarahjones Pyramid?

kelakovski Check ur mail @zarahjones

zarahjones Grrrrr my emAil playing up. I'll check as soon as home.


alleydarklight Excellent medley @kelakovski #neterifik

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eightysix Nice ...Played ?

mkozi nah man just jazz loops bruh

mkozi nah man just jazz loops bruh

djevidenz Mad nice

User @lastdoghung's avatar

keiosxlek faattt !!

newancients Some space jazz yo!

lastdoghung @keiosxlek

lastdoghung @newancients you know it

lastdoghung @raad cheers for the repost bro. Appreciate it

faycbeats So nice mate

lastdoghung @faycbeats cheers. Appreciate the repost!

monstermatt Super dope jazzy piano sounds good

lastdoghung @monstermatt cheers bro

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foreignbeggars Ace Hotel Shoreditch


3mb4 maddd

oab mobb

nebula_beatz Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn fire bruh

mskal waouuu

broomesy Brraappp! Sick


twoface Very Heavy . Big upz. Twoface.

lebreeze Murkury

aigrebrownie Yes

iamsaintpaul @lrd how sick is he?

kyu_tracks DOPE!!!!

dhuz Wow!!!! :)

zico RTKAL! Havent seen him in a while!

jimscreechy Haaahaaaaa!!!! say nada!!!!

elhawk Love this one


jaystarrow Oiii rrrun tisss

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nikimukhi Dubai

theurbanizer Beautiful.

raad dope

faycbeats Mate that is so sick. Let me know if you wanna collab propa

bullfunkzoo Sickness

nikimukhi Thanks guys!! Yeah man @faycbeats I heard this on a system and it sounds amazing!

spitfire Watched about ten times now

nikimukhi Thank you @spitfire

nikimukhi Yoo thanks! @djndlc415

djndlc Just listened to this again... Sooo smooth!!!! Big up bro!!!!!

mskal big up!!!!!

nikimukhi Thanks guys!! @djndlc @mskal :)

drskn_ So fresh hearing someone playing guitar over hip hop beats, good on you for figuring it out! Sounds fucking ace

tommyjr Wud b cool to rhyme over that

boneintell Very very dope

nikimukhi Thank you guys!! @stillswitch @tommyjr @boneintell

beaturself Thank you for giving me such an emotion. You go straight to the heart so deeply. I'm a "starter producer" and damn you're inspiring me for writing lyrics man! Thank you, the way you play guitar is just...wouah! (ain't no words strong enough).

gezoegreen That should be added onto the beat.... @nikimukhi Completes the beat

nikimukhi Hey thank you!! @201gramz

nikimukhi Thank you @ajedi it's a guitar I built when I was in school (there was lots of tools to play with! Massively influenced by PRS but made a a smaller body and neck through so it's almost entirely one piece

nikimukhi Hey @beaturself thank you for the kind words man!!

excessivedel I love the singing guitar sound, it gives the beat a nice comfy psychedelic vibe :)

nikimukhi Thank you @lokick

nikimukhi Yes @alisachedina in the house x

alisachedina @nikimukhi yes blud. Finally.


suji DOP!

suji E!

nikimukhi Thank you!! @renny_ @suji

alleydarklight yeahhhh bruhhhhh heavyyyy lourddd

nikimukhi @alleydarklight thank you!!

nikimukhi Thank you @kdin

broomesy Mad!

pheobedoesit Dude amazing @nikimukhi

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eightysix Bezerk ting

mcsubliminal Maddddting! Sam binga's beats are always on point too

dreagalaxy Wouiiiiii!!!!

inja @eightysix @mcsubliminal dam right he's got the heat! @dreagalaxy

ruderalis @inja raaaaa

ptredeyez Crazy!!

rebelaca Going out out!! Sick warp drive flow!! Love the skuff n @inja

gardna Levels bro!!

cushla Love it

engineercooks DOPE. peep the beats.

dubdiggah Sick!

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foreignbeggars Old Street



madengo @foreignbeggars whoop

drewdude Geechi my bro!

percyfilth Yesssssss.

krupa Yay yah

mrripley JeeeeZ

elhawk This makes me smile.

futurarhymez Yano like dat!!

elhawk *diamond twot.. Unreal. This is the best shit I've seen on here. Pow! Boom! Sock! Whatever the fuck man

browne Bangg

mskal boommm!

foreignbeggars Camp Lo baby

konnykon Is he on here?

bricks holy f***

gezoegreen Boi got bars.... I like

maceymonei ing!

excessivedel Sick bro

raad so good

gezoegreen He #bodied that shit


tribezman_beats Wicked!

boneintell motivation

shrinkmusic man. bars on bars. need you on one of my beats next haha

kylenmusic YOOO. This is filthy!!!

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sicksixet dope

hans2g Merci @sicksixet

rebelaca On the beach sliding into the ocean. Smoking. Beautiful g

hans2g Merci @rebelaca puff puff &...

hans2g @faycbeats

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foreignbeggars Badman

leeramsay Mad respect bro