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lrd Dope

mrconcept Nice


easyd Jheeeeze

djevidenz Love defenders. Keep it up

taemintekken Good job bro, check my beat, I hope you'll like it

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harq #hiphop #MC #Brapp #graffiti #DJ

harq @boombappfestival

harq #thechosenfew @mysdiggi @disorda

harq I loading my brain up like a brewing storm to drop some mental fire showers later 2day.

mick_swagger "I was there when Neolithic man used clay to fingerprint" Damn.

harq Haha big shout out Tommy_ill

trav Next level stuff

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hans2g Dope!!!

faycbeats Cheers man

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lrd Big

stretchmc Don


mimindme Follow me bro #problemchild

kermit Fire bruh!

beatcotheque Fire starter!

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raad oh my days



sonorous_ Chessa chess!!

marston And that’s why

kinetiks Always looked up to you Chester! Massive inspiration. much respect bro

kinetiks Check out message to the man and project mayhem. We an honour to get some feedback if possible

budabapbeats Task Force!!!!!

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anishbeats dope

madengo #levels


viciouscreep 0.0.......cant believe it....nealry caught a heartattack !!!

viciouscreep unbelievably dope!!!

viciouscreep shall i send you this beat? :)))

reemremi Jheeeeezzzz when the legends speaks u gotta listen una

sizezero the god!!!


mrverse Ahhhhh chess. You have my headphones.

rebelaca It's hard to encapsulate what you mean to all of us captured at the gate. Trying to push through. Lieing about whose who. I'm you. But a version that you're hate. You're me, but a version that I love and try replicate.

agzillabeats #legend...dope beat too!!! Zz.

nebula_beatz FAT

lewmatic still the best!!! task eff ohh arr cee eee



rondeux Bruv

docskeng Big up g, been a fam from day, check out my beats if you can bro!

warlordbaker Still murking tracks

apollo That just made my day king! Big up


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geebag ohh shit

geebag This beat kills it

im_floki beat is absolutely banging got my whole body jumping can't control my head!!!!!!!

newancients My lord, this beat is BANGIN!!

djevidenz Woooh. Some madlib shit going down

mskal resect§

rebelaca Ridiculous ! like you just installed a nuclear power station in a kitchen. Bitchin

drweathers My compliments to the Chef