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far east fire
some next thing im workin on mixing far east asian sounds with vox ad lib stabs might add a dench guitar in the final...


fazedottartist this is so sick!

shubzmusic thanks mate

nikimukhi Amazing!

shubzmusic @nikimukhi big upps fam

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nikimukhi Heavyy!

b_clever Thanks for the feedback brother! @nikimukhi

shubzmusic this is fire !!!

b_clever @shubzmusic bless bro

ricksta Big

b_clever @ricksta

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shubzmusic some halloween vibes this is greazy nice work

jaykonis @shubzmusic dun kno man.. Big up

skitzbeatz Greazy

jaykonis @skitbeatz respect bro

presabeats HARD AS NAILS!!!!!!!!

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tobaccorat Nice beat !

saulthesame too much

presabeats This is wavy

unbalanced i love you @rafriley

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Sk!tz Beatz 'DE JA VU'
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jdotake I done freestyle to this a quick ting. Giving my self a 2/10 for effort with a 10/10 flow

gscripts i wil get on this. beats too low when recording tho...cant hear it properly

jdotake Earphones

yellzmar I done one

blksn Where I can find this beat???

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hazelkari Oiii oiii this is big

bigsmokinjoe faaaakin ell! big tune!