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Dmytro Dyba

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samoraj Neuchâtel


h2s #force

samoraj @h2s merci poto !

sts10 Try my beats bro..!! Thanks

rasahquinzel Damnnnn t’es où dans le rap français ??

samoraj Optional("")@rasahquinzel hahah en Suisse !



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majastick Apple Moon

Smile rap
Beat by percyfilth
Smile rap, улыбайся


percyfilth Dope homie. Thank you.

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Beat by copiusbeats
Tried one of my original compositions on this beat! Sounds great! :) I imagined a techno flow added to this!


copiusbeats Sounds great, nice work! Would be nice to hear the rest of what you have for it. Shame I can only upload a minute's worth. I'll upload it to soundcloud shortly

olghank Thanks Man! Id definitely love to hear the whole beat! Looking forward to when you post it!

hijack Ohhhhh my!!!! Sounds f*+%#%g bea-Utifil

copiusbeats What's your email address? I'll send it over to you, can feel this being the start of an epic tune

shotstoppa Queen

olghank @hijack , @shotstoppa I appreciate it!!

cypher i am rehearsing at the moment and practice makes perfect and im not perfect YET

olghank @cypher we do improve each day!

brohud You amazing !!!your voice like angel fly on the sky

olghank Optional("")@brohud Thank youu

kozyan22 Пойдёшь ко мне на припев?

soulnechnii Optional("")@kozyan22 дунь в хуй лучше

kozyan22 Optional("")@soulnechnii твоя мамочка так не считала когда рожала тебя))

mega_litt WoW

mfvandal Hi your songs great ,, I really need a female vocalist to sing a hook iv writing if you might be a interested can you let me know ,, got a few good tracks coming that have been produced by some fairly big heads let me know cheers

joshuadavid That’s Whassup! God done blessed you girl! Big up!

sb708 Let’s do a song together

unicorns hheeeyyyy ggooo ssseeee unicorns iii ddoooo rrraaapppppiiinnngggg aabbbooouuttt hhhooowww cccoooollll iii aaammm ssooo gggeeetttt llliiikkeee mmeee!!!!

marston Wow

mixeta Lovely

olghank Optional("")@hijack Thank youuu

olghank Thank you all so much. Sorry for the late reply. I've been offline for a while. My email address is

mckillerpagan Oh shittttt!!!!!!!jsbshsbsbbssbbs

jeaniusbeats Smooth voice

peterpanner good day! my name is gleb i am a producer i would love to collaborate. you have a crazy talent. here's my email: could you please write me there?

kissfist It would make my day if you sang to one of my tracks. :-)

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cliche Is the full beat available?

hardheaded_prod Optional("")@cliche Still in the air what I wanted to add, but how long did you want it I could render as is and send it

cliche Optional("")@hardheaded_prod probably 2-3 min if possible

hardheaded_prod Optional("")@cliche holy my bad what’s your email bro I’ll send it

cliche Optional("")@hardheaded_prod