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elhawk Damn son!!!! Would love to use this ... anybody on it yet

jimscreechy naah all good bro whats your email address

gold1ne Bristol Creamin'!!


jimscreechy @raad big up man good looks G

fernquest Vibes

zlw This is beautiful

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local Cardiff

fernquest He's a crime I wanna go dam smoke tangie with the same time girl that everybody fancys

fernquest He's ACTIVE that ment to say ..crime spell check

j2s Yes locs!

local @j2s

raad This be

sosouthern Yes this is hard. You proper killed it against Dorris aswell.

foreignbeggars my GGG

nebula_beatz BangBang

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flowtecs wow

chesterp Amazing!

hollyflo *Speechless*

vicebeats Yes Eva! X

sizezero God damn girl!!! Beautiful tone to your voice & quality tune!!!

chesterp Where abouts you based Eva?

evalazarus @flowtecs @duncelectric thank yooooou!!

evalazarus @hollyflo thank you xx

evalazarus @vicebeats @sizezero Merci Danke cheers babz!!

evalazarus @delrokski thank you!!!!!

evalazarus @chesterp Thanks!! I'm Based in Bristol!

nikkyg Sick wow love it girl

kyu_tracks Beautiful!

remulak amazing!

physiks yes yes!

vicebeats You're most welcome! X

ceaze Awesome!!! Amazing talent

mskal damm this voice is so amazing......


deadott everything you do is so ill

olivertruffe Love this!

che_ach Beaut

ambishn Beautiful


shacks U can sing b

rratedmuzik Nice

xanasoulsearchr Dope

leafdog Man this gave me chills... wow

joshuadavid Crazy dope! Jesus gave you an incredible voice! God bless you!

theafrojedi Can u please post just a instrumental version i got a story that futs perfect with this!


magamed Gngg

grsjeremy Nice voice!!! I live it

dkthebarber62 Did u you write this

marston Wow , beautiful voice

dkthebarber62 I’ve actually listened to this so many times so gifted wish I could play the guitar

sop Siiik lets do. Track

vados Давай вместе запишем что нибудь))

donsubstance lovely... miseducation of lauren vibe

thesoulsinger Love it. Very soulful.

hoodldn Bringing me back where there was real music about in the 80s& 90s.

k7tox Bless’ed singing

notesproducer nice and emotional


tugsn I love the sound !

nitel_p A W E S O M E!

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#JUNGLE #AMEN #LETSFUCKINAVEIT #TUNE CLIP #NORWICH #EA ALL DAY A clip from one of my tunes, most vocals removed -... read more


genghisdaze Love that dub vibe

zarahjones love this!!!!

4a4 @zarahjones I'm now working on some new jungle tunes, would love to have your vocals on thwrw

zarahjones Let's do it!

rebelaca Fuck I miss jungle. Please make more

4a4 @rebelaca @zarahjones Haha now making some new beats ready for Boom Bap festival. Would really like some live MCs and singers, maybe I should start a competition

zarahjones Orrrr you could just make a banger of an EP and showcase each artist there

4a4 @zarahjones Great idea! Will email you some new beats this week. Thanks

bilshot Yess do a competition please

sophiejade Woahhhhhh

leonfyah Irie jam bredda

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foreignbeggars hold tight newprt gang

timeoutbeats Dope bro you killed it! Much love for blessing the beat

fernquest @foreignbeggars legands yes lads @timeoutbeats your a don 2 .this app is the way forward much love for the music lovers


kyu_tracks Good one!

timeoutbeats @fernquest how you feel about making this a full track?

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nikimukhi Vibes!!

shotstoppa Feels!!

timeoutbeats @nikimukhi @shotstoppa thanks appreciate it!

post_89 Reminiscing of them Prahran days, breaking ankles, jammin' on EarlJam days..

timeoutbeats Jammin on EJ? You better check your eyes, only thing I remember is post getting posterised @post_89 haha

post_89 Aahahaha waste man!

fernquest Heavy .deep me


percyfilth "Thinking bout where it all went wrong with your ex" music.

timeoutbeats @percyfilth haha no doubt

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onelove Boom!!! This is nice man!!!

eightysix THIS IS MAD

browne @eightysix Lets hear some bars on it my donny!

lrd Sick beat!!!

kyu_tracks Too sick!

krupa Oh my a neck snapper

fernquest Ahaha this app gets better by the second this my first night on and iv come across madness this is fire .. hold tight @krupa 2 savage !

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ahurumazda Dope

romeurocha Dope

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krupa #PonderosaSessions

barz Badman

fernquest @barz hold tight you !!

fernquest @foreignbeggars can't fault you lads .i warmed up for you 2012 might have been 13 at boomtown ya live show is TOP !!

browne Yes donn!

raad yes yes