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Figarate @figarate's cover photo on Brapp.
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figarate Dope as per chess

deadott can't wait for that album!

golden_nine Heavy!!!

cecilmcfarrell Yes Chess. BOSS

cratedivizion Been Smashing It For years,Much Respect Chester

prysds BOSS.

jyager @chesterp nothing but fire brother always from day

3000bass YES! Biggup!!

eriddla the don!

illuminative Fucking huge wrecking the BRAPP scene incredible

illuminative More than just an MC, so humble, watch this guys interviews, such an inspiration

sosouthern So cold

bigsmokinjoe sick! just watched the doco too, big ups and all the best for 2016

sizezero #Inspiration

majestic The nicest

mcprincewayne Sick as usual braap

ashtheauthor Too dope! When is this dropping?

binakaj Yo P.. Check out my beats for rap

scratch4cash Good to see the Chester p

lowlife Sick


pyne King chess' salute

kyu_tracks So SICK!

lrd GOAT

prysds @chesterp have you got a contact I can hit you up on bro?

ezragraymusic sick

joe_seeds Yessss!


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leen Respect Bro @grillo

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shotstoppa Mad respect @figarate beat drew me in instantaneously!

genghisdaze @shotstoppa that was deep! honestly felt every bar.

shotstoppa @genghisdaze one love G, thank you for that.

shotstoppa @slugman


shotstoppa @cecilmcfarrell

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justsmoked That last bar

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Shut Your Clamour Down
Beat by figarate
Writing a bar in half an hour every morning at the minute as a challenge... Brapp seems a good place to share em.... read more


figarate @dizraeli big ups bro

dizraeli Safe sir sorry I misspelled ur name! @figarate

figarate Ha ha all good man

illiterate_ Super dope

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morgz Big ups Handsy lad

handsyncl @morgz cheers bro. How u keeping?

morgz Not bad fella, need a trip up NE soon to catch up mate

handsyncl Sounds good bro keep me posted

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lastdisciple probably my favorite track from u... great to see a uk mc who cam totally hold his own on a track with spit gems and abyss

tomryan Big up man, it's a personal favourite of mine too actually lol respect man

silverback Dope man.clever wordplay

tomryan Thank you bro.glad you like it

chesterp All your stuff I see on here is brilliant man I look forward to hearing some of your tracks. Big up!

cecilmcfarrell Wowzers

wesallen You ate that fam #illbreed

tomryan @chesterp that means the world to me man,Iv been a big fan of yours for many years now. Here's a few links to a couple projects I dropped this year.i hope you enjoy them sir. @wesallen big up bro,im hungry lol

genghisdaze Blown away

casablanca This is mad!!

figarate Dam fam

shotstoppa Straight fire!!!! Feeling the bars hard!

jfield Mad word play fam! Killing it!

geckodub Oiiiiii that was sick, well done!!

tomryan Thank you everyone.glad you all record something new today

tomryan @boombapfestival #boombapfestival

normoddity Proper


russtafari we should collaborate, check the beats. Respect!

david_amelei Yeeeeah man, feeling this

zealous1 Holy fucking illness

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genghisdaze This is tight Bruv

figarate @genghisdaze thanks bro, appreciate that

shotstoppa Chilled vibe fam. Organic boom bap!

figarate @shotstoppa big ups fam

newancients Oho nice tune brah

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spidalee This is my kinda shit bruv

figarate Safe spidalee