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Freddy Durham, UK

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beeunreal Birmingham

marston That’s dope , no doubt

beeunreal @marston Cheers dude

beeunreal @marston Big up for the repost!

fingersfreddy NOICE :D soulful vibez

beeunreal @fingersfreddy Safe, tune is dope!


c4ntk33p5t1ll voice on you !!!!!!! Chillz

beeunreal @nikimukhi Big up!!

beeunreal @c4ntk33p5t1ll Haaaa, nice one, still learning ennit :)

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lethaldave Leytonstone

fingersfreddy You’ve got a mad style I love it bro!

lethaldave @fingersfreddy nice one G, loving the beats too man

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jolene Bath

Beat by fingersfreddy
Little freestyle for 2018, knew when I heard the common sample I’d love the beat #brapp #singer #jolene #freestyle...


dirtybuckle Lovely Vocal!

jolene @dirtybuckle thank you :)

raad very nice

jolene @raad thanks!

rasahquinzel Cool !!

dsnacks3000 This is great.

da_ruff_poet Thank you for the follow beautiful

jolene @da_ruff_poet you’re welcome! Stumbled across you and loved what I heard

da_ruff_poet And you tear it down with the vocals looks like a match made to colab

da_ruff_poet thank you

jolene @da_ruff_poet that would be dope, I’d be up for that anytime

da_ruff_poet wel’ll exchange info

burnman Magic!

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lethaldave Leytonstone
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nikimukhi Always with the Friday good vibes!!

crypmindbeats @nikimukhi haha, thanks bro

dirtybuckle Damn that's funky!

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quantumatics Dope

novelbeatsuk sick mate!!

4def C

4def Damn

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fingersfreddy Dope chops!!!

eclipse76 All dayyyyy

geebag This beat means business.


rodmanoriginal Very mf doom

dirtybuckle This beat is dope !


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trademarkblud West Midlands

bearbeats Real nice man

trademarkblud Biggups bro

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fingersfreddy Durham
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sonorous_ Aayyyyy

sonorous_ I'm gonna have to beat this one up

fingersfreddy @sonorous_ru1 Noice! Go for it man!

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vard Arrrd!

bigsmokinjoe bars


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trademarkblud West Midlands

oozhe Killed it g!!

trademarkblud @oozhe biggie bro !!

trademarkblud *biggup


trademarkblud @raad

lordy LMFAO I love the entrance .. fire bars but who would expect any different!?