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Flo Kirton

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flo Hitchin

bigmungz Incredible

nikimukhi Yes sick!!

shotstoppa Nice


westsidevillain Beautiful voice. Nice work

oscaraoffee Excuse me mate . Where’s you mix

oscaraoffee I wanna list your YouTube

tmoneymil Amazing words and delivery. Would love to do collab

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gmg Your voice is something else

lukesinclair Amazing! X

russtafari Are you open to collaborating?

daijavaun Hey, I want to make music with you, hit me up -->

beatcotheque this is awesome!

antidot3 Nice. Lets do some work @flo

microdotcotton Banging voice!

percyfilth Noice

hijack THAT VOICE IS Too much your going to BLOW

hartmakesbeats sick!


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alphamemphis New York

larry_swyndon KILLED IT! Dope af man!


percyfilth Dope.

percyfilth Dope.

ankhara Dammmm

raad Gwaaaan Alpha

jazzychavo Damn funky. Back in '92

machia HE IS BACK!!!

jayprophit dope!

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alphamemphis I needed this today thank you so much for sharing

loddzilla Really rather radical


dreemer Would You Send Me Some More Of These Beautiful Vocals !!??, Please Email Me if So More I would Like To Use Them On Some of my Beats ...

mskal coool

raad Lovely

offcutt Beautiful stuff. Soothing

d13 You a lily Allen sound! Love this I need you on some tracks

ry Amazing

machia so dope!

mfjw Excellent! I love that voice.

tjmusic Wow natural .

iamcas This is epic

justicebfdb Yo defo send me this beat and let me fire you a verse back

citizendope lovely yo

neekz Wicked. I'll make a trizzy with u any day here's sum of my Muzik add me on FB I am neekz lawrence and fan page is Lil Neekz. Let's make a hit!

da_ruff_poet Wow that's

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nikimukhi Yes!!

mskal Nice style @flo....

clones3k If this is gonna be a full song I need to be on it. This is beautiful

raad lovely

riche Beautiful voice love the words x

jdanproductions Smooth

bilshot Wow love this! Are you looking for a record label?

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v15 Wow. So good.

docskeng Such a nice voice


thughandsomefmf Banging flow voice an delivery

hifi decent....

yorkz Just caught this on FB and had to come over to drop a comment. The anxiety line spoke to me so much. Great work.

ptredeyez Oiiiii

retro Nice



momc Au top

da_ruff_poet Nice

donbellini What a beautiful voice

User @flo's avatar

dotz Really really great babe, super proud of you x

flo @dotz ta babe! Had to turn the tears at 4am into something productive haha!

idealartist Nice vibes, check me out, nothing on here but plenty online 'I & Ideal' let me no if your ever up for Colabs sis

thehighdropjah very nice , good vibe!

raad Lovely

cliquetracks So good!

timeoutbeats Niceee

kcdc Good recording voice

nme Listen this is FIRE!

kidoptimism Amazing voice

cyphercircuit Pipes tho

dotgotbeats Very nice. Real Talk.

dirtybuckle Sweet!


bleekdabaker I need you on a track

evalazarus Love

flo @evalazarus huge love!

muckyminor Love it

shumbazeng Vibes

deadweightbeats Absolutely amazing. Your voice is incredible.

12gaugenova Smashed it girl.

mcase vibes


User @dotz's avatar

oozhe sickkkk

dotz @ooxzhe safe brooooo

nino_krm @dotz furious barz ! Nice to hear that on my beat

dotz @nino_krm respect g

offcutt SICK

dotz @offcutt thanks g



dotz @graciecasey @foreignbeggars @raad big up people's!

docskeng Fire g! Follow me back and check my beats

taemintekken Good job bro, check my beat, I hope you'll like it

mimindme Yo bro need to make arrangements this is dope

bearbeats Jheeeeez

mylostone Yes my brudda! Fire as usual !

808god awesome dude!

mcase yes bro


User @dotz's avatar

revolto Killin it brother

dotz @revolto safe cuz!

notion Boom! Respect bruva

oozhe Yeaaaaaaaaaaa

grizzygram Everytime Fam !!!!!!!!!!!!

dotz @notion @Oozhe @grizzygram safe people's! Gonna do one a day from now on I think, wrote a new 16 today so chucked it up earlier

smugglermc Wikd


User @mika_realist's avatar

gus So chill.

budhoundz This is sick

keiosxlek Dope


User @jazzychavo's avatar

genghisdaze You got that flow brother!!!

jazzychavo peace!!!

cecilmcfarrell This is DOPE. Reminds me of Black Sheep

jazzychavo @cecilmcfarrell yes man! could be tribe called quest also! haha

setatrendr2s Loving this beat


User @dotz's avatar

oozhe banggg

dotz @Oozhe safe g I need to hop on one of your beats soon on here

oozhe @dotz all good g! illy got that illy all day!!

foreignbeggars yes yes

grizzygram FLAMES FLAMES !!!!! OH MANZ

mrchisti Oi oi! Sick

dotz @foreignbeggars @grizzygram @mechisti blessss!

mskal huge

illinformed clackclack!

illinformed clackclack!

illinformed clackclack!

dotz @mskal thanks g! And @illinformed big up fam

vicebeats yes bruv!


beatcotheque nailed it

trauma74 I recognise you....Ill bro.

samthomas Toooo sick!

fenixprod Bro, bro. You are fire and MC! Respect from Lithuania! FIRE

banshee You’re savage. AMAZING !!x


lilsmooth Follow my account for beats every beat just ask

doclee Damn kid! Merkd that shit!!!

milliebee Ayyyyeee

unhumn Dayummm

k_muns Wussup mane that was fire. Is this a rap battle app or just like freestyles???

yazuneh Damn bro this was hard!

coldcarrotbeats Nice man, for real!

bigrema nice

soullifted Check my beat out on my page this was dope

chrish Check my beat

sontwisted lyrical

senib cheeeeseeeess

optimusrhymes Nice!

clinic Yoooo bars

stillg Dope

bkplayer sick

primatebeat Phat bro


francoisreinke Fire Bro



dj12 Cool

loganrcooke This sounds like an uk Wu Tang

obizzle buzzin

retro DOPE

riodabeatmonsta good shit.....y’all check my beats out....let me hear ya on them

demolee bro!