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koryus NICE

mrreem LOUUURD!!!!!

griksa bon flow mec !!

lewmatic kingtecs

ikerry !!!

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sizezero Nah man nearly made me dash my phone!!!! You battered this!!!!

flowtecs Hahahahaha sizezero this weren't even the one that was laggin. Maybe it's my phone anyways. Blessings my g

medikayshun Fire mate

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sizezero The beat though

flowtecs Jump on it famm!!

sereouszbars Man like flow!

flowtecs Big up kalsereousz man likeee

witnessmc Jheeeeeze flowtec brudda you smashed it fam!! @sizezero big ups brudda, appreciate the love

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insight On one tonight!! Yes flow.

flowtecs Haha you know @insight super hyped. Catching up

sizezero @jminbeats this beat makes me wanna slap my mumma!!! GRIMMMM

flowtecs Hahaha sizezero knowssssa

sizezero Trust me bruvah u fucking savaged this beat as well man,you've just come on here like a tsunami & destroyed it!!!

flowtecs Haha I'm enjoying myself bro sizezero but I'm pissed cos I tried to do a grime beat it keeps laggin. Annoying me g

mcprincewayne Braap

jminbeatz going in bro dang!


koryus SO GOOD ! big up man !

flowtecs @eightysix big up my g safe for checking . Much respect @koryus one love

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sizezero This is the truth!!!

jminbeatz respects brother

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lastdoghung Nice bars!

flowtecs Nice one bro @lastdoghung old bars. Nice beat!!

sizezero here he is!!!

elaymusic Dope!


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witnessmc FIYAAAHH

flowtecs @witnessmc salute my brother I got suttin for your beats after I finish work haha #brappAttack

kidjose fire! intricate flow on this one!

sofaking Too sick

sizezero Jeeeeeeeeezuz

witnessmc @flowtecs Go smash em you monstaaa

ashtheauthor TROUBLEMAKERZ

elaymusic iLL!!!

lewmatic powerful

lewmatic powerful

flowtecs Thank you witnessmc kidjose sofaking sizezero ashtray those elaymusic and lewmatic #YourAllGs

flowtecs Hahahhaha ashtry those!! ashtheauthor even

kyu_tracks Fire!

budzggg yes flow

iomega Nice