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foden Morrisons

Futur. Grime
#Grime relentless madness for the rave arena


thebreaks Morrisons

foden You know that... Wood Green high street #gutter

nebula_beatz killa

kyu_tracks U CRAZY ^^

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foreignbeggars YEAAAAAH GO WHEEELZ!! Maximum Love.. That was a deep o e

mrchisti Dude you're incredible, please keep going in like that, you're style is Siiick!!!! Big up ;)

missmiakang I'm a massive fan!

dharmonk_beats fair play mate, smashin it

crss Chyeaah! One up bruh!

hertzfelt Large ups!!!

chesterp "I should be on Jeremy Kyle with my arse" bug up bro BARS!

chesterp Or big up rather

eightysix Big

User @illaman's avatar

illaman Yes family @delrokski just fucking about and that haha

entek you Siiiiiiick !!!!

visionobi Too much g!! Literally pissing myself! Killed it!

entek yo bruva give me a call i ve lost your number man !

eightysix MONSTA

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jimijames HTTPS://

seleka What is that bro? Where can i find them?

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jyager @foden

mojo Gerem boyyy

deepstar Best I've heard on here man, nice one!

kasandajulah Dope! your work is always flames my yoot!! Large up!

raad All day every day

jazkahina Heavy

jyager @moj blessings bro

jyager @deepstar love brother

jyager @kasandanulah blessings G emails on my page if you wanna build with me brother.

jyager @raad love my g

jyager @jezkahina thank you ma

jyager @solow big up g

foden Wooooiiiiii just seen this homie!! Killed it saw u last week @birthdays too .... Too ill @jyager

jyager @foden big up my g. Beats are dope bro. Hit me up on the email that's on my page bro. Let's build.

sonnyjim i fucks with this my don

jyager @sonnyjim big up my g blessing bro

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dosgringos Yh boi @drsyntax killing it

illinformed haha sick g!

debbie You're like a tiny eyed tin tin.

mrchisti This guy...

dalillarmz Toboggan runs just killed it!!

verse1 Yes bruv big up the freestyle met u in jersey big up the syners

longusto Hi Ben

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silverback @Debbie @brapptv

foden Yooooooo sick!!!!

foreignbeggars illskillz

debbie La CROWS my G!!! HOLLAAAAAA!!! @silverback

silverback @debbie @foreignbeggars @foden

silverback @solow

adibanti Hold tight the skate crew! Bust a phat heelflip or me.

silverback @adibanti yes bro.the wooden wife

adibanti @silverback where would we be without her??

User @foreignbeggars's avatar

dosgringos Heavy!

konchis141 oh shit big up!

mojo brapp brapp brapp

illaman O VIZZLE

djevidenz Jheez

silverback Fuckery!


jyager Siiickkk

foden Too sick Pav





marston That’s so dope, real spitting


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nikimukhi She ruuuules x

foreignbeggars Neex in da haaauz.. She's the best on the whole ting!!

cryptophone oh shit she's GOOOOOD!!!

hoyx I guess it's time for her own channel...

nikimukhi @ak47 thas wussup x


verse1 She's the shit don't apologise never seen so much flo