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deadott BOOOOM!!!!

louisjwalker This is so good.

giofal big

raad Bro

slowz Yea g

craftamus This is big

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funsta Majorca



equalmeasure Phat !!

funsta Gassed up in the smoking area respec


mskal Big up guyz

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deadott ill flow brother much respect

calmdowncolin Thanks man- that beat is soo nice! Respect King

deadott @calmdowncolin i'll send it over if you wanna record something to the full beat?

calmdowncolin @deadott if you send me the beat I could write something for it but I don't currently have the facility to record

calmdowncolin I gave my equipment to my cousin because he puts it to better use than me, I'm trying to get him on Brapp but he doesn't have iPhone

deadott thats a shame man, you got mad skills, would love to hear more

calmdowncolin To be honest, tattooing is my priority these days. I saw a video from Brapp and just downloaded it for fun! Thanks for your complement bro, it's nice when people are feeling it who knows, maybe Brapp will motivate me to get back on the rhyming! @deadott

funsta Levels G


calmdowncolin @funsta @raad big up yourselfs, much love

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deadott Boom!!

lenten Big up

djez Booyaa !!

raad yeah funsta

jordzilla I don't bus gats, I bus nuts on ya girlfriends back.. Oh Shiiiiit


calmdowncolin yes!

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quest Ooohh daaaammnn! Bro, holler. I can send the beat over.

funsta This app keeps getting better

miccalibre @funsta killed it bro!


thafamilia Hard

funsta Fully appreciated gang

quest Thanks for the repost @iamsaintpaul


quest @calmdowncolin

dempsey "In a world full up of sex,with no fucks given" wow

josiff Loving this aghhhhhhhh

inovativemc Eurghhhhh

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deadott MASSIVE!!! big up brother


nebula_beatz Heavy bro

easyd Jheeeeze! Nice vibe man

funsta Just getting into this app I like it

funsta Thanks btw


thafamilia Big bars bro

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funsta Brixton

subatomic yes Funsta!


mrconcept sick

funsta Respec

mcyt Killed it

trimerdon oi oiii