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James Hazell @funtcaseuk's cover photo on Brapp.
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dharmonk_beats dope

markyscanlon 2 2s........4

foreignbeggars @markyscanlon who was that again

markyscanlon Man like Strikez!

oab Madnotes

silverback Genius goings on @foreignbeggars

rhikimchi Large

jrokkamusic subs in the club !!! vibe

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The Darkest
GRIME TIME!! Cheeky wiley-esque roller with an old school grit to it..


thebreaks Problematic

sheedy Flows

yakari94 thissss


strandloper Yesss Funtcase!!! Big up the FTB! Big up the MOD!

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Beat by funtcaseuk
#Grime bars from a tune featured through Complex Magazine


foreignbeggars Cheeze


soundsreal this guy snows sick

snow667 @foreignbeggars @nikimukhi @soundsreal big respects!

funtcaseuk Big one! Smacked it

snow667 @funtcaseuk massive respects cuzzy

riddla #NottinghamCrew!

innatej Tidy!!


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funtcaseuk Yes stormin!! Killed it!

snow667 Nice one

missmiakang Yyyeeeeesssss

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Sewer Scum
Old school grime vibes



ayahmarar Dope

soundsreal mad beat jeez

sosouthern Ra how did I miss this before

quantizemusic1 Harrrrrdddddd!!!!!!

quantizemusic1 Where did you get them sounds from?

adotbeatz FUCKING HELL!!!! That 06 grime soundddddd

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Old Skool Grime Barz Big up Funtcase
Beat by funtcaseuk
Double time bars with a lil beatbox


funtcaseuk Mentalllll!!!

jimiriddlz Badman!

sumgii Oi faaaam. Killed it G

sosouthern Jheeez

cobes NORTEEE!!!!

jmanbabylondead Gwarrrn

nonames Killed it fammmmmle


entek FIIIIIIIRE !!!

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funtcaseuk Haha! Sick

mrmcrae "Brighton pride" nice go hines lol

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funtcaseuk Yes Inja!! Haha!

inja Yes bro, we stay morning fresh! Done know the done know!!

mczani Yes blad!

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funtcaseuk Oiiii mental!!

felon Bigggg!

sumgii Bruuuuv siiiick

jazkahina Jhhhheeez

bgfrecords Hello. Really like your flow, wanna bring you some value. DM us on insta @bgfrecords

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Beat by funtcaseuk
MC Jumanji from Miami, Fl repping #americangrime


mcjumanji @foreignbeggars

raad Badman! Brrrrraaaaap!

kutz Yes G! Sick

nikimukhi Bohhhh

funtcaseuk Yes jumanji! Mad!!

mcjumanji @funtcaseuk link me on twitter fam

mcsubliminal Yesyes g smashed it

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funtcaseuk You went in illa!!