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nikimukhi Dubai

blacksmith Sick man!


anicesouvenir That just melted my phone maaaaan!

wyshax Yo man you and @twitch need to colab

nikimukhi Hells yeah! @twitch is killing it! Big up @wyshax your flows are sick x

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Beat by normoddity
Eternal Sunshine vibes


flo Beat by @normoddity

nikimukhi Vibessss!

flo Thanks @nikimukhi ! Feeling your guitar jams

normoddity Niceness

trinkkets welll nice

epzmekanizm Very nice, keep doing what your doing :)

skeematicbeats that was so bad. michael jackson bad. damn. i love you.

meschimeres Lovely! Can I have an email address to contact you?

slowz Yes! Nice1 luv

eightysix So good . Go on flo


mcase fucking awesome, big up flo and normoddity

therealbacaboo Dope!!

kylenmusic You’re hella sick!

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Some Brass For Yo Ass
Threw together a quick beat from an old video I found of me playing drums. #drums #hiphop #brass #bars4yoass... read more


garreth_e Brapp!! cool beat bro

twitch Thanks man!

flack Quite the musical genius @twitch big up

twitch Thanks heaps @flack !

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foreignbeggars Baaahahaha

jyager @wyshax Brapppp!!! crazy flow

nikimukhi Hahaha yes! Badman

wyshax thanks guys

garreth_e Hahaha jump rope in the background! Sick flow man!

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garreth_e Brapp!! cool man!

twitch Haha cheers man!

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I Don't Have The Time
Quick kitchen jam before heading out to black swan #acoustic #jam #vibes


jyager Always amazing @evalazarus

evalazarus Aaaaay! @jyager thanks angel!!!

jyager @evalazarus hit me up via email ma it's on my page

silverback Wowsers! @evalazarus (love the knuckle duster mug)

nikimukhi Killingg ittt!!

nikimukhi @silverback lolllzz

bess Love it!!

djma3stro Talented. Check my page for some dope beats, we might put out good music together.

djlok WOI!

konnykon Dopeness

awfer_cot Absolutely amazing!!

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spitfire Yessss homie

jyager @plaindavid big up g. Sick

david_amelei safe brother

rev_records Smashed it

djma3stro Talented. Check my page for some dope beats, we might put out good music together.

david_amelei @boombapfestival

ladysanity Killed it

slowz That was sick!

david_amelei Big up

chesterp Smashed it bro

tomryan Dopeness man, killed it!!

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twitch #corneliusthemannequinhead

nikimukhi Bassss

twitch Baaaaayyyyyyssssssssuuuhhh!!!!

garreth_e Nice!!!

twitch Thanks man!

djevidenz Yes bro! One of my fave basslines ever. Big up well done

twitch Cheers bro! @djevidenz

eightysix Yeeaaaahs

twitch Thanks man @eightysix