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R.I.P Mum 25/01/1965 - 03/11/2013 🌹🌹🌹
Beat by dsgryme
I sadly lost my mum to cancer a few years back and thought I would share some lyrics with you lot she always... read more


dsgryme Yo bro thx glad you like it, drop me an email bro

dsgryme Yo @gauk gonna make this beat available for free download via my YouTube account.

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M5 brapping!
Beat by bricks
#bricks on the beat, bed hair business lol


ptredeyez You're guna cause an accident on the M5 spitting that 🔥🔥🔥

gauk @ptredeyez Bless fam, funny thing i did this 3 weeks ago and it only just appeared on here lol

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cookiemonstauk 🔫🔫

oab FYA!

ptredeyez "Just ask your girl who's better. Who gets her wetter!" That kills da dance G respect! @cookiemonstauk is a problem 💥💥

skinzmann 🙌🙌🙌🙌

skinzmann Fireeeee

gauk @skinzmann bless fam aha 🔥🔥

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b_clever Smashed it another 1 bro

gauk @b_clever thanks fam, glad you like it 👊🏻

ricksta Really nice bruva. Big up! 👊

ptredeyez First four bars! I's like shiiiit! Nice one deep. Sweet for checking my stuff

gauk @ptredeyez safe fam, I normally do grime, have a flick through

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bricks 🔥🔥🔥🔥 yeeee man respect!

bricks dude - hit me up

gauk @bricks just message me on soundcloud homie, just easier than logging into emails init, glad you like it fam, the beat is hard!

cashus Proper shit!

gauk @cashus81 good or bad? lol

cashus Dope as fuck man

cashus Really good

gauk @cashus81 thanks man aha

oab More like this !! 🔥🔥🔥

ptredeyez Cheese on brown bread!!! Haha niiice

sertified Man like .....

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ricksta Thats big bro! 👊

gauk @ricksta cheers fam, didn't realise you were still making beats man, good to see you on here

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cheee Flow on point!

huskybeats I agree with @cheee but also this is some deep stuff

gauk Cheers lads, glad you're feeling it

huskybeats What you saying @gauk wanna jump on the full track

gauk @mazekidbeats yeah maybe so fam, does it have a chorus on it etc?

huskybeats @gauk not atm I'm looking for someone to vocal the hook though

gauk @mazekidbeats there are a few singers that are alright on here still, I would look but I'm currently in the woods in the rain by a fire, Internet isn't great here lol

huskybeats @gauk it's cool I'll try get a hook

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2am bar writing! 😴
Quick bar I wrote for this beat, big up #mazekidbeats on this one!


huskybeats Man your bars are heavy @gauk

gauk Lol safe, was half asleep for this one and writing them aha @mazekidbeats

huskybeats @gauk madness mate big up for jumping on this beat

verse1 Braaap

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slowz Bench press with a toothpick! Owned it love it!

gauk @shadow most man claim to be hench when their not init, i'm just honest aha!

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gauk @nikimukhi @foreignbeggars i put that chorus into play aha

huskybeats I love this tune man everybody's feeling it

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huskybeats @gauk man with the bars

threxxxbeats Big boy bars

gauk Safe lads, much love, uploaded 4 videos today, have a listen if you like, merry Christmas! ☃

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