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Mr. Gizmo

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nikimukhi London

eightysix Exactly

deadott noice!

cheddar Check out my new upload bro much appreciated

nikimukhi @eightysix @deadott @cheddart @loudmoutmelvin @nephilim @gizmo big love you guys!

newancients Das wassup bro

diligentfingers Beautiful

nikimukhi Thank you!! @diligentfingers @newancients Happyyy New Year!

sofaking Lovely


nikimukhi Big up @eightysix spreading the vibes. And @sofaking (big name) @quantumatics @gi3mo !!

nikimukhi Thanks!! @zlw

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saulthesame done it again! amazing

bahia Nice beat @saulxl smoooooth

raad Beautiful voice @bahia

bahia Thank u @raad

wrdy Wana link uppppp @bahia

enzo94 In love with your voice @raad

enzo94 Can't stop listening to this

ukmillz Beautiful. Would luv to do a song with you sometime. Keep up the good work you'll go far

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liamgreenmusic You got soul!

darksoul Shiiiit could really youse you on some up and coming projects

foreignbeggars Trop Bien

bahia @foreignbeggars greeetings n thanks for The

danger Very nice tone you have and I like the balance between your voice and the sounds.

newancients Lovely voice

misterbriggz Dope as a motherfucker, got that soul/sadness in your voice...

bahia @danger thanks I'm into melodies glad u felt that

lnc Oh snap!! This bumps! Serious talent..

danger Na I can hear your vision and what you try to bring to tracks. You can go far and do a lot with your talent. Keep up the good work. I'll be keeping an eye out for you.

kashmirs @bahia luvin em!


hank_hiller Last 10 seconds absolutely killed it!

stretchmc Smooth kiddo... Hi hear Erykah

oab beautiful

harvsletoad Real nice

danchoo Majestic



ukmillz Lovely voice, I've fallen

yakshi Amazing!

young_french Danm girl nice voice

sizezero Stunning tone & a real smoke to your voice!!! Off the map!!

bahia @sizezero thank you man!!!

sizezero No doubt ur dope!!!

mazemusic wow, amazing voice!

kissfist Oh my... so lovely! Care to sing to one of my tracks or collab on something?

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hank_hiller Haha yeah!

gizmo Sick

sosouthern Sick new concept for brapp, you absolute G


evalazarus Yassss hunty! This is the one!!! I wanna see some more writers up in here on this 1 minute dub challenge! Boss movements!

jyager Trust me where's all my graffers at!!!

graziella Tooooo sick!!!

joecain Buy buy Instagram!!

chromeandblack Yes yes!

leafdog sick mans gona have to get on that still

rogueethic YOU AINT REDY

foreignbeggars @rogueethic come then!!

foreignbeggars @divign

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jyager @gizmo

djevidenz Killed it. With a different flow again

jyager @djevidenz thanks my brother.. Big up

gizmo @jyager

jyager @gizmo thanks g.

User @gizmo's avatar

jyager Love this. Dope.

gizmo Big up @jyager

freddy_pimms Real nice.

gizmo Thank you @freddy_pimms

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blacksmith Big ups - you smashed it!

nikimukhi Awesome!!

yoits3030 Awesome!!!

spaceplant Killer

foreignbeggars You killin em baby

elbs Amazing voice

djevidenz Great !

raad Incredible

si_phili Beautiful voice.

jyager "you got it" amazing

vicebeats This is so nice Alia!

tomcaruana Sounds great


natasha so turned on right now..

nikimukhi @nidkid x

babasnook Go girl, mashallah beautiful voice

jimmydubplate Pure talent. The sky is the limit.

fdot1 BIG!!!

offthericta Holy fucking goosebumps you are absolutely incredible!!

nikimukhi @manlikejon tap the beat icon in the top right to see the beat any video is made on... This particular beauty is by a dude called @blacksmith

blacksmith @nikimukhi @manlikejon

oab Wow <3

since I like that facts

rebelaca pretty cool dude...

quantumatics Nice nice, feel like collabing?

alphamemphis very nice voice

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Jacob's Ladder
Boom bap business.


olitw15t CHOOOOOOOOON!!!!

gizmo Big up @olitw15t. Jump on it with some bars Fam.


gizmo @kinzraps