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gold1ne London

dsgryme Tell them Follow and DM me on Instagram @dsgryme lets work!

bankboy Bars! They're not ready my g!

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nookfocus that's fire homie #realhiphopisalive

da_ruff_poet Goodlooks@nookfocus ill story telling beatmade it easy.

rodmanoriginal Burning um, nice man

domin8tion mad

sontwisted Story telling

nikimukhi Always bringing the heat


marston Real bars

da_ruff_poet @marston

kinetiks Killed it!!

da_ruff_poet @kinetics

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kinetiks Flows boy!

gold1ne Flow sick!

marston Optional("")@gold1ne ty brother

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This is Love -(impromptu Love Song)
Beat by gold1ne
Sayin what im feeling recognizin a real thing expressing my healing #ginarene #love #soulmusic #forthepeople #rappers... read more


gold1ne Lawwwwd!!! Fire!! You gotta vocal this proper!!

ginarene Hey! Thank you Sir! Love his beat :) That's what I say and I was wanting to ask how I may go about that. Are you open to sharing the beat and making an agreement? Let's communicate privately via email : is my contact

ginarene @ginarene "this" beat not 'his'

ta_ma_ra Soul fire!!!

ginarene @ta_ma_ra yay sis! Can't wait to see and hear you roc@ta_ma_ra @ta_ma_ra @ta_ma_ra @ta_ma_ra @ta_ma_ra

gold1ne No probs I'll ping you an email in a bit.

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djoserpharaoh Detroit

ezybeatz Droppin heat brotha! Speaking truth!

evon Love it

dirtybuckle Dope ! I love this

bigdigmusic This is dope!

iamcas Whuuuuut

mg4c Cords, Breh.

ta_ma_ra FIRE!!


raad yes yes

percyfilth Noice

quantumatics Wow

biskone Dam man you're dope

djoserpharaoh @biskone thanks bro!

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gold1ne Fire!!

dsgryme Thx bro @gold1ne

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gold1ne Mad!!

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User @monstermatt's avatar

gold1ne Sound like X for real at the start lol Flames!!

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gold1ne Tu Rasss!!! Fire!!

penfoldpoet @gold1ne Thanks praises due

elhawk I checked out your SoundCloud.. really dope sounds bruv

penfoldpoet @elhawk Not gonna lie.... I respect to your lyrics delivered vicious, but I need to speak deep - conscious limericks. Salute

elhawk this is some of my older work. might be more your steez.. if your down we should collaborate sometime - Hawk

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gold1ne London

quantumatics Damn son!

gold1ne Safe g! @quantumatics

gold1ne This is one of my fav beats I've ever made simple but smooth!


gold1ne Give thanx @raad

shacks My g SN


gold1ne @chromasone Respect g!

xanasoulsearchr Wow

marston Bars for days

gold1ne Safe my g's @xanasoulsearchr @marston

xanasoulsearchr Respect my man