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zico Newcastle upon Tyne

#ZICOMC - Wasting Time
Big up @gowipe on the beat!! glitches out a bit at the end which is why i havent been uploading much recently #zicomc... read more


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gowipe Harddddddd !!!

keiranmerrick Slick

dhuz wow!!! :)

raad 👊🔥💯

samo Yo men i send you a invitation on twitter samotwitte

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zico wickedman feeling this!

zico loving the afro trap style at the moment

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gowipe Nice bro !! 🔥🔥

nebula_beatz good work bruh

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quarterthagreat North Chicago

gowipe woooo bringin that fire bruuh !!!

raad Fire 🔥🔥

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mrtakagi Nice flip on BB

gowipe Thanks I appreciate :))

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penfoldpoet London

eightysix Yeeeeah energy n fire 🔥

gowipe Fire bruh you did the damn work :) keep it up !

penfoldpoet Thank You very much - New Erahaha!