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Graziella Affinita

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graziella London

graziella @brapp @foreignbeggars @singers

gwop YES MAAM !!!!! DOPE !!!

cliche Wow

penfoldpoet YeahYeahahhaa

graziella @gwop yes sir!!! Thanks to you tho

alphamemphis omg! this is amazing

graziella @legionclan yay thankyou...

graziella @alphamemphis thankyou!! Xxxx

kinspiffeyjr Dope I love your voice. Ever need any tracks please do reach out #yesmaam

incursive Perfect synergy

graziella @kinspiffeyjr thanks yo! Xxx

graziella @incursive super thanks and super flattered

david_amelei This is to much


eternal510 ay awesome vocals really loving the vibe of the song

mrpopechicago Hey, can I get your email? I would love to send you a song that I'm recording to see if it fits your style

sombrehero wonderful voice

tanqueraylocc Beautiful voice!

davedoggatkins supa you on one of my beats...for shizzzz x

davedoggatkins hi

rratedmuzik Talented

ac_pro90 you are the type of artist i have been looking for

denorthwode on fleek


_chillmode_ @graziella very nice

timeoutbeats Niceeeee

atlasbass Amazing voice, tchek this :)

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b_clever Absolutely smashed it sick beat

chesterp Heavy stuff vadski

dsgryme nice! what vsts are you using bro


shumbazeng Yes big Riddim! I dropped a mic check on it the Ras Demo cut is fyah

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nikimukhi MrC!!

newancients Yes yes! Wild X-Mas Baboon!

nonames That's Art right there son

graziella You kill it every time

dsgryme Gimmie bare joke lol

eightysix YES! That's how ya Do it . BRAPPY NEW YEAR ...

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"Where is Humanity (And On)" Preview...
Shhh I don't wana get in trouble lol but a quick peep into some new tunes for 2016 #House #Dance #Upbeat #Soulful... read more


graziella As amazing as ever...

shereedubois Thank u babygurl, hope you good chica, Happy belated New Year! x

thebreaks Yeah baby

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graziella Mmmmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmm

graziella That bit killed it !!!!! Hahahhahahahah

johaslett Ha! That was pretty cool! Considering there could have been a colander or sieve present!

ainaroxx ...that's the one... Colander Freestlye contingent your way soon @johaslett

johaslett Miss you!

entek nice 1 !!!


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jyager @buntybeats

buntybeats Booooom!

jyager @buntybeats big up g.

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skinzmann Pure fire bigup

willb Banger man, I've dropped you a lil Facebook message if you can check g!


rinsulin Too wavy

graziella @jyager

jyager Boooooommm!!!!!

jyager @Graziella

joecain Hahaha. smashed it

anicesouvenir The force awakens it's gonna be a civil war! Gully man assemble!


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hank_hiller Haha yeah!

gizmo Sick

sosouthern Sick new concept for brapp, you absolute G


evalazarus Yassss hunty! This is the one!!! I wanna see some more writers up in here on this 1 minute dub challenge! Boss movements!

jyager Trust me where's all my graffers at!!!

graziella Tooooo sick!!!

joecain Buy buy Instagram!!

chromeandblack Yes yes!

leafdog sick mans gona have to get on that still

rogueethic YOU AINT REDY

foreignbeggars @rogueethic come then!!

foreignbeggars @divign

User @graziella's avatar

flack Woah! Nice @graziella

jyager big up mama this is dooopppeee

graziella @calstrange thankyou for ur beat!

hank_hiller Whoooo!

dreadmc First vid i seen and im impressed

joseph I love this

sicksixet yes

antwan97 Amazing

User @graziella's avatar

graziella @foreignbeggars #repost baby

djevidenz Mighty strong vocal, love the attitude

shayd Dope! We should collab!! @graziella

graziella Big! Let's do it! This is what @brapp is all about...

shayd @graziella u on twitter dm me ur numba ill text u x

laville Coughs.... Ermmm

toomanyts Shweeeeet!!

tinks Sick show tonight! X

jyager @graziella so gangsta mama

milver Whoop!

eightysix Love it .


User @graziella's avatar

jyager @graziella hey mama you still on the same digits...

evalazarus LOL!!! I love this!!

ainaroxx He cray cray

hank_hiller Flames

illaman Bladdy love you I do.

g0n3 Awesome

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