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C Byrne -

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Blue CanariƱho - Invent
#LofiHipHop #HipHop #RnB #Instrumental #Peaceful #Grime Track 8 of 'Urban Hippie Vol 1' - Looking For Rappers or... read more


greaseburn doap

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bluecanarinho Fuego

raad dope

iamjorrel Bless G, humbled. @raad

mrd Yes bro that was deep still

bluecanarinho You have an email man? ill send the full version over if you want it

iamjorrel Of course I was gonna asked just slipped my mind send it to

greaseburn dope

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Jack Da Union, Shakes Tate, Weaver & Rup the Brer
Open Mic on my beat on DJ Sarah Love & MysDiggi show on...


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greaseburn #beggars2017

greaseburn #beatbattle

greaseburn #boombap #hiphop #instrumental #brapp #beat #beats #rap

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illuminative Veteran T, smashed it!

fordz one of my idolz

quantumatics Damn son! BOSS!

charliemac nice one man @verb

vard Large

pyne Yes bro!

gordon_tusk Good shit dude!

poyzon The don

cecilmcfarrell Verb T you're a Grumpy prick DOPE BRO

nebula_beatz Tchek ma fucking beat bro

vicebeats This is nice man! As ever!


docskeng Dope, follow me back and check my beats if you can verbs!

greaseburn should be a single

greaseburn should be a single

violentlyill big up verbz!

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greaseburn #beggars2017

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