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GR JoE Hastings, UK

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🇬🇧🔥 hard bars on guitar #hastings #southEast
Gr joe is an up and coming beast from the south east check me out


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grjoemusic Hastings
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grjoemusic whoooooooooooooooooo

grjoemusic bruvvvvvvvvvv that got me

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grjoemusic dun kno my g

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grjoemusic loving this g

grjoemusic @lrd

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grjoemusic @eightysix check out ma don Mendull hard producer g

grjoemusic @lrd check out ma boi g

lrd @grjoemusic @mendull BIG

grjoemusic Guys a serious talent , executive producer on the majority of my four albums

raad dope

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grjoemusic @lrd

grjoemusic @nabsi

grjoemusic @aggzy

grjoemusic Eyyyyyy Mendull's gettin love

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nikimukhi Sick!!

agzzy Proper jokes fuckabout on a quick one lool

djharrylove shame it wasnt longer

agzzy I say this about all the brapp vids would be good to make 2mins long

ptredeyez Yes boys! Big tingz

agzzy @ptredeyez nuff respect bruva big ups

ptredeyez Both flows and bars are high jump levels

agzzy @ptredeyez Seriously bruva means a lot man


grjoemusic Absolutely sick ouchere

harvsletoad ill

raad Smashed it

iiiiffy My boys

agzzy @iiiiffy yes iffy when you gonna bust ya first brapp you can use the DnB tunes I've used if your having trouble finding any

iiiiffy @agzzy finally did one!

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lrd Wooooiiii. . He's gotta jump on one of mine bro.

nabsi Watch bro

jdanproductions Smashed it.... Jheeeeez !!

jdanproductions HMU if you'd like the full beat to complete the track

grjoemusic Yes Elshay gd to see ur face on here don

tweedz Oh lord nah he needs to make to the track

nabsi @tweedz u no!!!

nabsi @brapp

grjoemusic Ouchere that was nice

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#rnb #power music #iconBeats #uk #2017 check out my soundcloud page for more #beatbattle


grjoemusic Jesus

iconbeats @grjoemusic