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daijavaun Hey if you ever see this, hit me up ----> ... Let's make some music

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agzillabeats Sounding nice.. Thanx for blessing the track.. Zz.

lrd The return!!!

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lrd love this!

ashandsoul grooove

mskal big up miss


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futurarhymez Wow your voice is incredible!! This intonation is very unique!

lalaumusic @futurarhymez aw thank you that is very kind !

futurarhymez Anytime @meglalau show love when it's due!

gas You've got some skill plus a beautiful voice

lalaumusic @gas thank you very much !

thunderchild Seduced me to sleep miss. How'd you do that? Voice is hypnotic

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raad welcome back @evalazarus we missed you!


elhawk Beautiful

quantumatics Tight

djevidenz Smashing

chesterp Excellent Eva X

budzggg my dayss :O

freestylearmani Great soul

bmgmrecord magic

sim Wow

mskal validé!!!!!

sizezero Wow your voice is off the map!! And your lyricism is on some Lauryn hill flex!!!

nejibinho Pretty awesome beat!

evalazarus @mwoodley this beat is fiiiiiiire! big uppppp!

evalazarus @lrd @sim @mskal thank yooooou!!!

evalazarus @elhawk @quantumatics Merci Danke! X

evalazarus @raad ayyyy thanks love!! Nice to be back!!

evalazarus @djevidenz thanks love!!

evalazarus @chesterp thanks brotha!! Much love X

evalazarus @budzggg @freestylearmani big up!! Thank you!!! X

evalazarus @bmgmrecord cheers lovely!!

evalazarus @sizezero well that's possibly the nicest compliment ever! Thanks a million!!!!!!!

sizezero @evalazarus well deserved!!!

quantumatics I got this d&b tune in the making, it needs some vocals... You like to colab?

dreadeyefreen impressive

mcprincewayne Awesome

sizezero You are so heavy!!!!! Everything you have blessed on here has been unreal!!! Raw fucking talent!!! With a India Aire,Lauryn hill,missy,aretha combo wrapped up in your own style!!! Complete artist & without a doubt you are destined for the stars!!! Salute to you!!!

treethousand Yes! Wicked.

nebula_beatz Wiiiiiiiickeeeed i need your voice for collab

ambishn Great voice! Let me know if you wanna collab.

disgust Ooooowwweeeeee


madeline8 Lushous

madeline8 Goose pimples

specialists dope!


ludwigvandub yeaaa

beatcotheque Love your voice! Talent

mcdannyb Amazing!!! Wanna hit me up with some vocals for a track I'm working on

sliz Your sooooo DOPE we gotta work!

dsgryme that's too much sauce DM me on insta @dsgryme lets work!

xerah This is amaaaazing!!! Alicia Keys vibes wooo fire

bankboy Yo girl... you're big! Let's link up and do this b! Shout me cutie!

mazemusic your voice is amazing!

jagan Big Up outta Belgium...Love & Respect...Blessed

thingy tune!


halvcast We should work

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lrd Too good! What's your email address? I want to send you some music.

hafsa Thanks

quantumatics Very nice

newancients That's a lovely lovely voice

dreadeyefreen wow.

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b_clever Fair play smashed it ! Did you receive the beats I sent you? I can send this too

hafsa Thanks ! No didn't get it

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Beat by engineearz
Love this beat


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gowsk_nw Perfect

ashandsoul so jazz! ;)

koryus ... good good !!

dsgryme Really like this ... Can I find you anywhere else online?