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The Micnificent

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binakaj Sick beat

ladysanity Fire beat

sylvanmerci This is dope!


psyren This is sick!!

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harq #hiphop #MC #Brapp #graffiti #DJ

harq @boombappfestival

harq #thechosenfew @mysdiggi @disorda

harq I loading my brain up like a brewing storm to drop some mental fire showers later 2day.

mick_swagger "I was there when Neolithic man used clay to fingerprint" Damn.

harq Haha big shout out Tommy_ill

trav Next level stuff

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harq @boombapfestival #boombapfestival @mysdiggi @disorda

thebreaks Oh shiiiit

jazzychavo aa ye!


harq Jazzychavo you know I killed it righy

bigsmokinjoe bigbigbigbig

wizdommusic @boombapfestival check my vids

varbena Great stuff dude !!

harq Thanks for all the support keep reposting and watching #thechosenfew

jazzychavo @harq smashed it fo sho!!!


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shayd I just rapped on this LOVE IT SALUTE!!

psyke Love the flow on this beat @jazzychavos Nice!

jazzychavo yow @shayd hit me up on facebook if you are interested on this one! peace!

mick_swagger Poetry in the streets