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Hazel Kari Marimba

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nikimukhi TOO SICK!!!




djvadim Sick b

26beats superb !!!

jayk Hella respect man

mrreem Nice guys!

changermusic Bzangahhh

misspessy So nice

zarahjones That’s epic!

drweathers I dig it, great job nice flow


freemason So sick!! Teach him young I love it

beatcooker Aye yo yall wrecked shop!!!....these will be memorable moments for the youngin....he's going to do great things on the mic...

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raad vibes

bahia Love this!!!

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penfoldpoet Tune!!

cheddar Sexy voice

dirtybuckle Smooth!

westyproducy yoooo this is sick! shout me and we'll do some work

westyproducy or Twitter - @IsDatyouYeah or Kieran westlakee holla

orkeztra beautiful

bukezfinezt your voice! gdamn gurl. keep it up!

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spyrosio very nice

madeleinewood nice

raad Fresh

bahia Who are u????

dotgotbeats Dope

djharrylove @bahia thats an odd question

bahia @djharrylove wasn't a question it was more like "wow ur talented"

djharrylove @bahia ahh. thank you

muckyminor Just jumped on this beat! Sent you a email too. This beat is haarrddd well done bro @djharrylove

sylvanmerci I had to put something down to this bro #Levels

rhymeskeemz 50 ways

rhymeskeemz So dope

rustyjoints So SOLID

alleydarklight magifique

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bahia London
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quest Oh daaaamn

f135t Mad voice! Love that!

nates Yep

redbeard Super Dope!!!!

domin8tion Wow! can't wait to hear more

g3nes12 One word... ILL!!

renzeeno Wow nice voice

hollyflo I'm in love with you <3

baal Wow

raad love this

quest Big up for the reposts @raad @newancients @ragemystic @sodhi @g3nes12 @nates

baal All love bro @quest

kcdc Oh my days! Tone!!!!

mcangel Super talented!!!

quest big ups to @brapp @mcangel @seewhy @kcdc for reposting #KeepItMoving @emeraldrose smashed this one

penfoldpoet Heart felt lyrics

j2s So so good

deem listen my beat girl

djvadim U got a wicked voice!!! Let's do something real talk

mylostone Awesome

quest @djvadim thanks for the repost

grimtimez Brap brap empress

unbalanced Incredible

maryjanec This

dseize Daaymn

young40jim Nice bluesy voice

khannabis420 Wicked man

krang Your voice is ethereal

planky Big!!

orkeztra awesome voice!

dirtybuckle Wow! Great vibe!

kurtis God damn

susieili Dope

shareaz what a gorgeous voice

truilz YO!!!!!!!!!, Lets Work!..I...

captcussa Yessssss

hazelkari I just love ya

audiosmoke ...dope...

riche powerful beautiful soulful real love it !!!!

v15 Dear God


alicemary Yessssss

jayprophit nice vocals, u have the sond, rnb jazzy flavour< keep up the good work!

aziegotbeats Nice, got a email?


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hazelkari Yes mate!!!! Also crib looks sick let's have a visit then!!!

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zicoofficial Yes Hazel!

saulthesame Very nicely done!

lrd This is dope! .

jazzychavo smoooth!

engineercooks DOPE. peep the beats.

evalazarus Sick!!!! This is my FAAAAAVE!!!

whatami how do i contact you regarding vocals?

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quick beat i put together #USvibe #dts #hiphop


taemintekken Good job bro !! , check my beat, I hope you'll like it

docskeng This beat is so dope I couldn't not drop a verse, let us know if it's for sale

docskeng I'll send you a message on soundcloud bro, peace

sicksixet How can I get this beat to lace outside of brapp this is so dope

joeshire sully my G - gunna lace one on this tomorrow x

ellstone is this beat available anywhere ?


eternal510 i like this super chill beat. what program do you use?

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Westy - Power of Grime
#Grime You can find this full instrumental for free on my Youtube! Twitter -... read more


ptredeyez Guna drop something on this within an hour!

User @hazelkari's avatar


indigo Boom roller, love your vibe :)