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Jack Power

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Holographic operative
Beat by gwop


gwop yes sir !!

hijack Bigup gwop!!!!

cjburns Teflon Don

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Mr nicey nice
Beat by pandamoniumuk


willyc Barsssss fammmm

esteem Trampled on and full of alcohol like vineyard grapes!!! Smashing it on every line, kid!

cjburns Dopeness!!


marston Dope

pandamoniumuk Doooope!!!

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rasahquinzel Les Châtelliers-Châteaumur

deadott Sounding fantastic!

rasahquinzel @deadott thank you !!

nikimukhi @rasahquinzel @gwop

gwop FLAMES !!!!

maxta Bête de voix, ça déchire

rasahquinzel @maxta merci beaucoup! J’adore tes beat je vais sûrement t’en emprunter

rasahquinzel @gwop

maxta Avec plaisir

bmseka talant

rasahquinzel @bmseka thx

keiosxlek Tellement cool franchement respect !!

rasahquinzel @keiosxlek ça fait vraiment plaisir! merci!!

hijack My godddddddd

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rasahquinzel Les Châtelliers-Châteaumur

timeoutbeats Wow this is great!! Much love for blessing the beat

klotz Nice

rasahquinzel @timeoutbeats thank you so much! The beat is beautiful so it’s an honor to please you!!

rasahquinzel @klotz thank youuu

lyricee Loving that timbre

albadman aces!! nice

rasahquinzel @lyricee @almatic thank you for your support!!

mskal Validé...

rasahquinzel @mskal merci

theafrojedi How can i get you on the hook of a track!?!?

rasahquinzel @theafrojedi hey! Sorry but I think that i didn’t understood well (i’m french) what does hook means ??

theafrojedi A chorus on one of my songs

rasahquinzel @theafrojedi that would be cool thank you! But i only have my headphones to record!!

theafrojedi Download a program audacity on your computer it’ll work with headphones like that and I’ll try my best to clean it up when we get the track together

youngdg Adidas

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bigmungz I'll chops

dirtybuckle Thanks .

hijack Too dope man

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Crossbow bolts of lightning
Beat by lastdoghung


bigmungz ill

genghisdaze WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

lastdoghung That’s dope mate

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rev_records Super dope

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genghisdaze Sinister as fuck

wezzly_kane Thank you .. glad you like it .. you're a don with the beats G!!

cjburns Getting better brother on point

wezzly_kane Cheers CJ

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wezzly_kane Big up, BigShamu on the fire

bigshamu yes yes!

josiff That opening bar fucked me up big dawg!

wezzly_kane @josiff My G glad u like it dawg

josiff Optional("Heavy ")@wezzly_kane

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wezzly_kane Big up man like @gwop on the fiire

gwop yes sir ! dope !

wezzly_kane @gwop Respect my man

mfvandal Sick bars love that shit that’s wicked

wezzly_kane @mfvandal Respect my brother

roganjosh Blap! sick verse man

wezzly_kane @roganjosh Safe my G

sts10 Check out my beats bro..!!

hijack LAAAAWD

wezzly_kane @sts10 ofcourse Bro !!

wezzly_kane @hijack My Brudda

cjburns This dude schooled spice 1. . Mad flow on this one brudda sick


wezzly_kane Safe G @thesinger

gwop dope !!!!!!!! crazy flames fam !!!

wezzly_kane Safe my G!!...the beats ILL @gwop

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cjburns @raad big up

genghisdaze Wow! You stepped up big time here Cj

cjburns One love my man that beat you produced is smooth as big up! only better things to come

rach Great tune you’re getting better as you do more

cjburns @genghisdaze how's you brother? I can't get over that beat that is some funky ass shit big up man brilliant! Keep up making those funky ass QuickTime Beats

bgfrecords Dope stuff! We want to bring you some value, DM us on insta @bgfrecords!

sts10 Check out my beats bro..!!

sts10 Try my beats bro..!! Thanks

cjburns @bgfrecords alright bro I haven't got insta? And DM? Hah mans clueless

bgfrecords Optional("")@cjburns email us then on

cjburns Yeah cool as