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Jack Power

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Holographic operative
Beat by gwop


gwop yes sir !!

hijack Bigup gwop!!!!

cjburns Teflon Don

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Mr nicey nice
Beat by pandamoniumuk


willyc Barsssss fammmm 🔥🔥

esteem Trampled on and full of alcohol like vineyard grapes!!! Smashing it on every line, kid!

cjburns Dopeness!!

raad 👊🔥💯

marston Dope 💯💯💯👊

pandamoniumuk Doooope!!! 👊✌

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rasahquinzel Les Châtelliers-Châteaumur

deadott Sounding fantastic!

rasahquinzel @deadott thank you !!

nikimukhi 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @rasahquinzel @gwop

gwop FLAMES !!!!

maxta Bête de voix, ça déchire 💪🏻🔥

rasahquinzel @maxta merci beaucoup! J’adore tes beat je vais sûrement t’en emprunter 😉

rasahquinzel @gwop 🙏🏼

maxta Avec plaisir ✋🏻🤙🏻

bmseka talant

rasahquinzel @bmseka thx 🙏🏼

keiosxlek Tellement cool franchement respect !!

rasahquinzel @keiosxlek ça fait vraiment plaisir! 🙏🏼 merci!!

hijack My godddddddd

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Raised in a silent environment
Beat by dirtybuckle


genghisdaze This is on point g. The illest of minds

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rasahquinzel Les Châtelliers-Châteaumur

timeoutbeats Wow this is great!! Much love for blessing the beat

klotz Nice

rasahquinzel @timeoutbeats thank you so much! The beat is beautiful so it’s an honor to please you!!

rasahquinzel @klotz thank youuu 🤗

lyricee Loving that timbre 👊🏻

albadman aces!! nice

rasahquinzel @lyricee @almatic thank you for your support!! 🙏🏼

mskal Validé...

rasahquinzel @mskal merci 🤞🏼

theafrojedi How can i get you on the hook of a track!?!?

rasahquinzel @theafrojedi hey! Sorry but I think that i didn’t understood well (i’m french) what does hook means ??

theafrojedi A chorus on one of my songs

rasahquinzel @theafrojedi that would be cool thank you! But i only have my headphones to record!!

theafrojedi Download a program audacity on your computer it’ll work with headphones like that and I’ll try my best to clean it up when we get the track together

youngdg Adidas 🔝🔝🔝

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bigmungz I'll chops

dirtybuckle Thanks 😎.

hijack Too dope man

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Crossbow bolts of lightning
Beat by lastdoghung


bigmungz ill

genghisdaze WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

lastdoghung That’s dope mate 👊

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rev_records Super dope

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genghisdaze Sinister as fuck

wezzly_kane Thank you .. 👊 glad you like it .. you're a don with the beats G!! 🔥

cjburns Getting better brother 🤜 on point

wezzly_kane Cheers CJ 👊

User @wezzly_kane's avatar

wezzly_kane Big up, BigShamu on the fire 🔥

bigshamu yes yes!

josiff That opening bar fucked me up big dawg!

wezzly_kane @josiff My G glad u like it dawg👊

josiff Optional("Heavy ")@wezzly_kane

User @wezzly_kane's avatar

chriscboy91 🔥🔥

wezzly_kane Big up man like @gwop on the fiire

gwop yes sir ! dope !

wezzly_kane @gwop Respect my man 👊

mfvandal Sick bars love that shit that’s wicked

wezzly_kane @mfvandal Respect my brother 👊

roganjosh Blap! 👊 sick verse man

wezzly_kane @roganjosh Safe my G 👊

sts10 Check out my beats bro..!! 🎤🎹▶

hijack LAAAAWD

wezzly_kane @sts10 ofcourse Bro 👊!!

wezzly_kane @hijack 👊 My Brudda

cjburns This dude schooled spice 1. 🇱🇷. Mad flow on this one brudda 🔥sick 🤢🤕

thesinger 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯👊🏿👊🏿

wezzly_kane Safe G 👊@thesinger

gwop dope !!!!!!!! crazy flames fam !!!

wezzly_kane Safe my G!!...the beats ILL 🔥🔥@gwop