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Sally Hodgetts

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After Show
Beat by shownprove
Just back from doing a wicked gig with #Love Nor Money. Wide away.... What to do?!!


foreignbeggars Bess you sexy ass bitch. U killed that



jyager That was dope ma

bess Thanx @jyager

kinzraps Jezusss

pravvyprav Yes!!!!

wilstar Ohhh yesss sweet voice

cobes @bess SKILLS!!!

lovenormoney Sister !!!!!!!

djma3stro Talented. Check my page for some dope beats, we might put out good music together.

innatej Nice!!!

sizezero Sick!!!!

poopsidick Force from France !

jordantwin Wicked I love your vibe

deem tchek my beat

deem best voice and best flow i hear respect

_chillmode_ @bess love that voice.

dubdiggah Dope

casualness Sweet

ryandornan This is amazing

young40jim voice is amazing

kylenmusic Sick!

User @skitz's avatar

Lickle ruffy


jyager Sick riddem g

skitz Thanks bro just testing the water! Big up

foreignbeggars @Hoyx you know dis one you cuzzi..

hoyx @skitz respek Bredda! Really like this one! I would love to write and record summin on it for my next project! Would you send it to me?

skitz It's just a little loop at the moment bro.. But yeah as T La Rock once said... 'It's yours !'

hoyx @skitz super ├╝ber dope!

skitz @hoyx haven't forgotten you dude.. Just ain't been in my house!! Soon come

hoyx @skitz no worries brozay... When you're ready

User @evalazarus's avatar

kutz One of my most favourite voices.

foreignbeggars Yasss Bishhhh

raad Lovely

nonames Amazing

jyager Eva you is amazing girl..

cobes Nicenes!!!

inja Goddess!!!

mrripley Beautiful

pravvyprav Yes rudegirl!

nikimukhi Amaze!! @ak47

ak47 WhataBeauty!!! X

drsyntax Cripes, got goosebumps haven't I

leafdog that was cool my g


elph ooooh there she is


jexbeats Beautiful

fifas Amazing!

ezybeatz Unity !!

panaromic Can y check out my rap

dsgryme It's real

mazemusic wow. very good! lovely

elgrobo woooow you fly bby !


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nikimukhi Dubai

albarizza Ah man come back xxx

jyager MY G!!!!

jyager Love this

nikimukhi Thank u guys! @jyager @albarizza and @spitfire for the vibey sounds!! Brapppss x

vicebeats So nice bro!

spitfire So dope to big ups

spitfire Killed it homie

djevidenz Love what u do to beats

nikimukhi Thank u bro!! @djevidenz

ak47 Brrrrrrappppp!!!!!