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newancients Yeah boi. Heater flow

datavelli My g! Fire as usual...

cecilmcfarrell Michelin star repertoire

helzs Ok, that was very nice dude

adibanti Pff you having a laugh that's sick!

lastdisciple badman

jayelflex DOPE !

chesterp Sick

bigp wahhhhh

hozay Big ups ppl !!!!!

lowlife Bad man flow!!!

lowlife This really is ill man!! big up

maxvongrumble heat !

baileysbrown i only jus realised i get a mention in the bar haha

baileysbrown i only jus realised i get a mention in the bar haha

baileysbrown jus noticed im mentioned haha

planky boom

nevahrest big up!

jdogg @hozay this is HARD

alleydarklight yeahhhh bruhhhhh heavyyyy lourddd

thingy More more more!

dienaum dope

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thebreaks Strong

hozay Firrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

newancients Dope!

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foreignbeggars Hard

kompoze Dope as fuck

5stageneral Boom!!

hozay Big ups ppl !!!

nikimukhi Bossy

psyke Dope Bro!

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lastdisciple gotta be top five with that boombap bruv

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bilkse Dope!

medikayshun Had to use it mate haha, fantastic!

illuminative fucking

illuminative dope

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rev_records this beats should put it up to be BRAPPed on..

lowpitch You NEED to put this on as a beat man, it's too heavy to not spit over!

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cecilmcfarrell This shits dope man.

begalot Dank !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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tomryan Lovely beat man,really feeling this

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sosouthern Jheeez

jyager @storminmc yes brooski

polonis yessss

zedbias Yes bruv!

trinkkets yeeman

3000bass Yep!

dreadmc That was vibez

challis_uk Blam! That was sick man!

grimtimez Bap bap pull up!!

ricksta yes stormin! holla for beats bro. blessings

zarahjones boom!

ludwigvandub yeaaaaaa

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hozay @ghosttownbeats


lastdisciple dooooope

foreignbeggars Yes dun!!

jonnydrillz Hozay killin normal

jyager dope g

hozay Big ups ppl !!