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Beat by tokyoboss
What you’ll think.?


tokyoboss There is no volume!

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dr9p3x @hardheaded_prod

hypeman Got man gassed wasn’t expecting this my g . Pulled it up like twice already. Mi nuh fi lie.

dr9p3x @hypeman big ups. Respect.

hypeman Shits gonna be a Daley riddim I’m back for round five. Straight every time

raad Boom


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craigwells thanks bro real nice delivery

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gwop dope son !!!

hypeman @gwop nice one pal.

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Long time
Beat by shownprove
Aint been on here for long.


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Beat by mick_swagger
Couldn't help but put a hook on this beat!!! #banger


zarahjones Any spitters or singers up for collaborating on this?

zarahjones "Call me the challenger deep, the Mariana ain't got depth like me, submerge yourself in this, feel the pressure as you sink, into the trenches of my mind, hear the abyss as I speak, delve into waters blind, if educated opinion is what you seek"

sicksixetbeats yup

nuriel Hard

machia oooooh lawd!!

zarahjones Thank you ppl @sicksixetbeats is that a collab yes?

mick_swagger If so I'll send out a longer version to you both coz this hook is ill.

deadott Killin em out there!!!

eightysix YEP YEP

disgust Yo

disgust Yo

zarahjones Cheers!

zarahjones @tommy_ill yes please

jordantwin Wicked tone bigin up for collabos holla !!

zarahjones @Jordantwin let's do it!

jordantwin Yeh I'm down how can we connect to make this happen??

zarahjones Email

jordantwin Cool bee !!


dsgryme yes me, send me a msg on the socials @dsgryme

trauma74 Dope...check my beats . Got a nice jazzy one for you on there.

jagan Big Up outta Belgium...Love & Respect...Blessed

jagan Big Up outta Belgium...Love & Respect...Blessed

yellchai Chills, CHILLS!!!!!

jagan Maximum Respect outta Belgium....1Love

putitonline Nice

zarahjones Thank you guys! Check out my soundcloud Misszarahjonesx

jdogg Going in Zarah ! Goosebumps !

zarahjones @jdogg

realflick Ill


sombrehero woooooww

rratedmuzik dope



zarahjones Cheers people

aariyahsymone Yesssss u better!!


zarahjones Thank you guys!!!

samthomas Yo! We need to write together

zarahjones @samthomas yea we do!

tristandawood Love it, such a powerful voice!

zarahjones @tristandawood thank you

tristandawood @zarahjones You’re welcome you got some great tracks, if you get a chance check out some of mine and fallow if you like!

journeemars Amazing voice love the delivery

zarahjones @journeemars thank you

ptfresh Love the energy!

drweathers WOW! You should really be showcasing that amazing talent you were blessed with! Please, go and download BandLab from your App Store and look me up -@countrycracker (DR Weathers) I’ll be looking for you! God Bless!

zarahjones @drweathers thanks. Iv downloaded to figure out how to use it lol

drweathers @zarahjones don’t worry about the learning curve, many great known producers are on standby. Just Remember @CountryCracker

flazie1 great singing