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milver Nice verse man.


viciouscreep doope!!!

iamlinguistics @milver thank you bro

iamlinguistics @raad

iamlinguistics @viciouscreep safe geez!

bee Such truth in this! Love it


rebelaca Very nice g

iamlinguistics @bee @starseedbeats @tigerlight @rebelaca thank you

engineercooks DOPE. peep the beats.

geebag you smashed it! Nice flow

bgfrecords Dope stuff! We want to bring you some value, DM us on insta @bgfrecords!

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saulthesame My g.. Heat

vitaminggg Safe bro @saulthesame

budzggg pukkkaaaa

budzggg life presents you lemz

vitaminggg @budz light it up!

elaymusic Sick!

lrd This is fire. We need to work bro!

timeoutbeats Killed it!!

vitaminggg @lrd safee man, yhyh drop me a email !!

iomega Big

illuminative Yo fucking don

dubble_ggg Sicko

bgfrecords Oh, really nice flow. Wanna bring you some value! DM us on insta @bgfrecords!

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caravanerecords Thank's bruh

iamlinguistics @caravanerecords

hollyflo Nice flooow

iamlinguistics @hollyflo thanks!

iamlinguistics @delroski thank you bro! Catch you soon I'm sure

foreignbeggars lovethe honesty in this

mrconcept love this

iamlinguistics @mrconcept safe!

sustance Very sick

jfield You have a nice flow man, feeling this


raad dope

simonsez Too short! haha

sophiejade More please max

hammerhead333 Wicked flow, honest and real. Love this!

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My way!!
Beat by leafdog
In studio needed a break so threw a quick summin on a @leafdog beat. #2shy #hiphop #freestyle #leafdog #2shymc


timeoutbeats Dopeee


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saulthesame Dope bruh


iamlinguistics @saulthesame thank you

iamlinguistics @Thebreaks thanks!

barzovcharlie Get some one to upload some drum m bass cuz

blacksmith Yeah man that was sick!

lukefluency One of the dopest I heard on hir!

timeoutbeats Killed it!


iamlinguistics @delrokski big up bro!!

iamlinguistics @lukefluency cheers

foreignbeggars yeah dope verse mane.. !! good to see you back up in this

iamlinguistics @ForeignBeggars gunna stay on it geez!

joeshire gwarn in - big up G

harvsletoad This is nice man!

slowz Dragon! Effortless fire! Killin it g

iamlinguistics @shadow safe cuz!


joshryan my don

keiosxlek Brrlllaaaaaahh !!!

sonnyjim Smashed it

iamlinguistics @SonnyJim thank you bro

ideenoire Nice job bro!

nebula_beatz So fr3sh

juliettep Bouuuum

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User @iamlinguistics's avatar

foreignbeggars Yes dun!!

metropolis Sick sick

richyspitz Doppe

hxmmusic Yes!!

foreignbeggars Mad love cuzzzzzi


iamlinguistics @richyspitz - beats dope!