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Alexander Ceccaldi

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ideenoire awesome work m8, really like your style

wordsfordays Thanks @ideenoire

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zarahjones This is lovely


juliastar This is great I'm gonna record something in a minute



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ideenoire nice job bro

nifty @starseedbeats @ideenoire this beat is sick! Have you got a full version you can send me by email? I'd love to record to it. My email is

ideenoire @niftyboyy juste send me an email

nifty @ideenoire I've sent you an email my brother

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ricksta Bro i beg you tell me where i can get that vox ?

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lrd Killed it

lrd This is too much bro!

raad Big Up

rebelaca Sorry for it g. You'll live a better life for her is all I can say. Thanks for the thoughts. Deep

cash87blk Hard don lalalala

enzo94 Love you bro keep telling you to take this to studio now you've finished it x


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poopsidick Pas mauvais, l atmosphère est cool ;)

thirtysix J'en veux d'autres !!!!!!

creepsmc Where can I get this??????!

ideenoire @creepsmc just message me m8, I've seen what you did with this song, very emotional and good

creepsmc Thank you. Not sure how to message on here, you on Facebook?

ideenoire @creepsmc add me on Instagram, omega148