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Kush-T Spears
Beat by dirtybuckle
Gaming headsets = Britney spears impression. #trap #attempt #kusht #brapp #quick16


dirtybuckle Dope flow bro! Great video too!

ilda_queen Can’t really understand because of the accent

kusht @ilda_queen thanks for the honesty tbh. I’m from the UK in a place called Newcastle we have quite famously strong accents but this is the first time anyone’s pointed it out directly, I’ll try and get subtitles for future videos if possible but again thanks for the feedback.

ilda_queen Nononono it’s fine you don’t needs subs. Sorry if you thought that I was being offensive

kusht @ilda_queen no not at all all love

ilda_queen Ok

ilda_queen BTW I liked the vid

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Beat by copiusbeats
Tried one of my original compositions on this beat! Sounds great! :) I imagined a techno flow added to this!


copiusbeats Sounds great, nice work! Would be nice to hear the rest of what you have for it. Shame I can only upload a minute's worth. I'll upload it to soundcloud shortly

olghank Thanks Man! Id definitely love to hear the whole beat! Looking forward to when you post it!

hijack Ohhhhh my!!!! Sounds f*+%#%g bea-Utifil

copiusbeats What's your email address? I'll send it over to you, can feel this being the start of an epic tune

shotstoppa Queen

olghank @hijack , @shotstoppa I appreciate it!!

cypher i am rehearsing at the moment and practice makes perfect and im not perfect YET

olghank @cypher we do improve each day!

brohud You amazing !!!your voice like angel fly on the sky

olghank Optional("")@brohud Thank youu

kozyan22 Пойдёшь ко мне на припев?

soulnechnii Optional("")@kozyan22 дунь в хуй лучше

kozyan22 Optional("")@soulnechnii твоя мамочка так не считала когда рожала тебя))

mega_litt WoW

mfvandal Hi your songs great ,, I really need a female vocalist to sing a hook iv writing if you might be a interested can you let me know ,, got a few good tracks coming that have been produced by some fairly big heads let me know cheers

joshuadavid That’s Whassup! God done blessed you girl! Big up!

sb708 Let’s do a song together

unicorns hheeeyyyy ggooo ssseeee unicorns iii ddoooo rrraaapppppiiinnngggg aabbbooouuttt hhhooowww cccoooollll iii aaammm ssooo gggeeetttt llliiikkeee mmeee!!!!

marston Wow

mixeta Lovely

olghank Optional("")@hijack Thank youuu

olghank Thank you all so much. Sorry for the late reply. I've been offline for a while. My email address is

mckillerpagan Oh shittttt!!!!!!!jsbshsbsbbssbbs

jeaniusbeats Smooth voice

peterpanner good day! my name is gleb i am a producer i would love to collaborate. you have a crazy talent. here's my email: could you please write me there?

kissfist It would make my day if you sang to one of my tracks. :-)

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emonthebeat Hip Hop is universal


mdesiigns @barz you on Instagram?

frienchi Hi love it you r buthefull girl you r star

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Weird as hell
Beat by trippyprod
Singer dancer acrobatic contortionist cheerleader and musician


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ilda_queen I hate this