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dempsey 🙌🏾

harvsletoad oweee

azlan proper proper

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thefilthybarkid Nice bro 👊🏻

joeshire woii

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Dat Tuesday Shit
Joe Shire & Saul The Same/7thDown Beat by 7thDown un extracted on FL #hiphop #dts #427


vard Large

harvsletoad Nang

chazaap 🔥

fordz gully

mrconcept Nice

docskeng Going in, check my beats 🔥🔥

joeshire Check dis ish baz @illiterate_

illiterate_ Super ill. Mentos and compost

moraless Yesssss Gs!!!!!

mattylicorice 7thDown crew. Shout out to my girl tam chillin between ya

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Desire 2013
Old beat I thought I'd put up... #Dreebs


raad dope 👊🔥

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mkozi !!!

illiterate_ zoop zoop

docskeng Dope, check my beats g

harvsletoad uh!

harvsletoad heat cuz

mkozi bare rum left

hank_hiller Yehhhh boyyyy 🔥

hypemansage Yeah ur dope bruv. We should do track

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eightysix Nice ...Played ?

mkozi nah man just jazz loops bruh

mkozi nah man just jazz loops bruh

djevidenz Mad nice

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vard check check ✊

budhoundz Niiiiice 👊🏻👊🏻

mrslipz What we checking

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viciouscreep Sittin On a park bench, listening to this :) lit

vitaminggg @viciouscreep hahah , safe man!

budhoundz Sounding sick man!!! 💥

raad legit 👊🔥

lrd Big

slyq nice man!! big respect 👊👊👊

vitaminggg @steezymcgee bless bro, nuff love peeps!

twiggzggg your such a little cunt...

vitaminggg @twiggzggg butfuckit .no homo.

harvsletoad Kipper gang!

harvsletoad Illeh

sksjdj Bitch

vitaminggg @tramer Que?

sksjdj FUCK YOU maricon fag

sksjdj Salute my Bitch :)

vitaminggg @tramer think ur confused puto

vitaminggg @graciegrey whatever floats ur goat ;)

mvr lllooooolll ummbbrroo

illiterate_ 🔥🔥🔥🔥

madengo @vitaminggg serious illness yo! killer flo, strong messages - mad propers 🙌🏽

vitaminggg @alexnstewart @illiterate_ safe as fuk, appreciated!

madengo Notathing bro - creditgivenwheredue

hank_hiller Yeah killer 🚀

harvsletoad U got a funny walk mate

slyq Was cool to see you on stage at boombap mate good set well done

mrslipz Fire man hope u enjoyed the sun

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illiterate_ Ridiculous mate, big up!

saulthesame fuckin right.

vard Brapp!!

verse1 Yes man

verse1 Under rated is an under statement

prysds Spekt fammo

newancients "stayin stone like excalibur sword" too sick

adibanti Take note motherfuckaz. That's a how to.

dharmonk_beats yh sick man

ofensiv Dope bruz!

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foreignbeggars illlll

illiterate_ @foreignbeggars big ups ✌🏼️

nikkyg Nice bro

mirage 💣💣💣💣 Explod 😎

donniekebabroll Battle me

azlan dope

osirus Fire!

cyphercircuit 🔥🔥🔥

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Round 2
Beat by physiks
Big up @boombapfestival this my second round entry mad love to physiks on the beat big up all the brapp team and all... read more


lewmatic yes bro! getting it in! big up

mtpockets 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

beeje this is one tight flow Ash

kyu_tracks Good job.

massivearms this is really rather lovely

mikewordz 💥💥 sick flow

safyrprod so dope !

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Boombap Fest Comp.
Beat by illinformed
@boombapfestival big up Ivan and all the team here's my submission for the competition big up @illinformed on the... read more


djivan6 Boom bada bing.

raad 🔥👌

insight Big up ya sen Ash! Fire.

mnsrfrites Good shit mayne

jayelflex Nice one !! Check my prod "Outsidaz Boom Bap Fury" :)

mystero Natural born Spitta

nebula_beatz Headshoot

helzs Keep up the good work dude

sparkmadizm Easy geez

pyne Dope

bigsmokinjoe sick mate! good luck with it

curtcataract Gwarn!

harvsletoad My don .. Be good to meet u @ the Southampton gig .. Good luck wid this ting

ashtheauthor Big up yourselves peeps!