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Isla. aka BEATMistress aka HEVVY FLO @isla's cover photo on Brapp.
Isla. aka BEATMistress aka HEVVY FLO @isla's profile picture on Brapp.

Isla. aka BEATMistress aka HEVVY FLO

User @illinformed's avatar

viciouscreep dope af

browne Top notch donnay!

jdanproductions Jheeeez !!

fredmerky This is dope.

lrd sick

geebag This is a beat I wanna actually use. Pure flava

illinformed @geebag yh could put it on the project

samuelb Jheeez mad ill

geebag Safe @illinformed

isla I like!


User @isla's avatar

isla Brap!

sim Absolutely beautiful

isla Thanks!! Love your beat

isla I have a set coming up soon if you want to send me any full length tracks to work on x

sim Check out my soundcloud and let me know which ones you like. A few have acapellas on but can be easily taken off.

isla Awesome :)

f135t Voice is amazing! Love to work on something

isla @f135t thank you!! Yes up for it

keiosxlek Ouaou !!

f135t @wildflowa send me your email and we can see what we can set up.

sim Just saw your profile, I'm just up the road in Stroud.

isla @f135t sure it's

isla @sim cool I have some friends there I need to visit soon!


twarnkanefm Omg that's sick !! FOLLOWED !

isla Thanks guys!!

twizzy Love this

planky you nailed it !!

djdirt Hey very beautiful girl and voice kiss!!!

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domin8tion Jackpot

raad feel good vibes

lastdoghung That's sick as fuck

impro funky fresh as fuck man, big ups!


retro Yo SIM how do I get in touch re: collabo

sim @retro

monstermatt I'd do a whole track to this send the beat?

nikimukhi Holy smokes that's nice!!

samson82 @coryw this is something I can imagine you killing bro!

sim @samson82 @coryw He already has!

thesinger @soulsinger bro this track

User @djvadim's avatar

chrismunky this is heavy! Can you link me on the email bro? Im Eva's DJ - looking to remix

djvadim Msg me ya email to Facebook or twitter g kl?!


raad so dope

ptredeyez Oiiii Guna have to bless this one time

sicksixet oiiiiiiiiiiii

kermit yes! nice one!

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djevidenz Yes man

blair_jacob @djevidenz - Was on a chilled tip with this one.

elhawk Soooo heat!! I'm just finishing a project that this would beat would be perfect for..would you be interested in workin on somethin?

blair_jacob @elhawk - For sure. Im always looking to collaborate.

elhawk beauty! I'm in the sttudio ealry this week to record.. can you send it to ill shoot you over the first mix to see if you're stil down with it

blair_jacob @elhawk - all sorted. Just 'We Transferred' the stems and a reference demo to the email. Have a good sess

raad dope

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steveyp Sick how do I loop it without it stopping?

yetizm Nice one man! If u wanna flex ur skills check out Chop Shop Beat Battle.

renzeeno I dropped a lil verse to this beat i was feeling it!

joshlrs Ho like this shit my men !!!! i need

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trev I had a verse written I just dropped on it.

yetizm Nice one man! If u wanna flex ur skills check out Chop Shop Beat Battle.

blkthebeatman @yetizm where do I sign up my brother


blkthebeatman @yetizem are these battles every month I wont be able to make this one Im In New York but I would love to compete down there do you have FB lets connect