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jaisaac haze @jaisu's cover photo on Brapp.
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stretchmc Hahahaha

shubzmusic man said sheeps is deep ;D im dying, brilliant

slowz Man said the eels feel me! Snm that was sick

oab hahaaaaa e45

dhackmedia Yes

quantumatics Hahahahaha soft hands!

shayd Loooooool

tomryan Scary thing is a guy who lives in my town actually fucked a Shetland pony loool worst part is he still has friends haha

troublebcn Waiting for them to send me some wonky, while i am kickin it with this donkey. -p.mukhi 2016

oli_east This flow is what it's all about. Calm. Not trying too hard but better than most

jrolla Yes yes! Nature relate!!


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oab Cooow1l!

percyfilth Gorgeous as always.

oneoz Ballersville

keiosxlek hooo trop fattt broo !!

bridgens That piano is swagged out

samstalks The fucking best!

redbeard wwwhhhoooo!!!


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djevidenz Big beat ! Love the vibe

keiosxlek dammn you are a fucking groov man !! like it !!

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eightysix Yes

freshtodeath first class.

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nikimukhi Sick!!!

newancients Montage beat! I feel like I'm in a Rocky movie listening to this.

jrolla Definitely Harlem World. Sounds straight outta the Dipset camp!!!

cheddar Got some fire for this beat will drop in a minute


keiosxlek marginaaaall music !!!

keiosxlek "fonky familly" go listen bro !!

timo I can see bumpy knucks and nas on this