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Jay Fraser

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bigs @lrd safe man! Loved the beat, had to do something even if it was old


monstermatt Cool written!

bigs @monstermatt @fifas appreciate it bro's, safe!

heartleftabove this is sick, check out my beats

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sturje Sam! @bigs

bigs @Sturje Bless bro, sound

jayeff Ooooosh!

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jayeff Shellin it down as per man, respect

mskal Big up dude....

dotz @jayeff respect fambo! @mskal big ups bro!

nato Yeah man your sick

raad sick guy

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sturje @bigs


jayeff Nice bruddah, holla at me for beats


bigs Sound everyone, Appreciate it

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penfoldpoet London

Penfold - Forget Me Not
Beat by jayeff
#uk #rap #hiphop full tune available to listen to on my YT - Andre Burt - Penfold - Forget Me Not (Mathematics)


jayeff Delivery is mad bro, props to you

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penfoldpoet Hard!!!

jayeff Jheeeez man

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boneintell New Jersey

raad Gully

gwop LMAO....@LIKE MS SEALY !!!!!