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bevouille Paris

timeoutbeats Love it! 👏🙌👊

bevouille @timeoutbeats hey thanks 🙏🏼🙏🏼 the beat is so cool 💪🏼😊👍🏼👏🏼🔥

bevouille @h3tbeats 🙏🏼🙏🏼

bevouille @Jaysu 🙏🏼

omolina O

omolina @omolina muy buena música 😎🥇

bevouille @omolina 🙏🏼😊😊

omolina Need more of your music

bevouille @omolina follow Beverly B. My facebook page 🙏🏼😊

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beeunreal Kilburn

albadman awesome! luv the phrasing

vincedaffon Amazing yesssssssssssssss😀x

sicksixet This is gorgeous

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jaysu France
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keiosxlek @jaysu bruuuhh !!! nouveau tel mamen !!

samstalks Sick flow 🔥🔥

keiosxlek Thank you duude @samstalks

starseedbeats Lourd le flow ! Bien joué

keiosxlek Cimer maggle !! @starseedbeats

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raad 👊🔥

keiosxlek bruuuuuuuuuhhhh

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nikimukhi Dubai

Beat by jaysu
Starting the day with some early #guitar vibes. @jaysu the beat is ❤️❤️


raad Yeah man 👊

easyd This is lush dude!

thefilthybarkid Smooooth ❤️

b_clever That's sounds nice bro 👊

alphamemphis Peace from New York, this is smooth!

erraticjay Wow........ Prolific

nikimukhi Big up guys!! @raad @easyd @thefilthybarkid @b_clever @alphamemphis @erraticjay @domin8ion @savu @jaysu @iamsaintpaul ❤️🎸

raad Yowza 👊

nikimukhi Thanks 👊👊 @ppull :)

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equalmeasure Goin in @familia !! 🔥🔥. Peace

thafamilia Bless @equalmeasure

thafamilia Sick beat @jaysu

jaysu Thx @familia ! Dope rapping!

thafamilia Thanks bro bless @jaysu

thafamilia @calmdowncolin

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nikimukhi Incredibleee 🔥🔥

raad so good 👊🔥

amfs Fucking voice!! Gwan gurl! 🔥🔥

ambishn 🙏🏼

ravage Wow

jaysu ❤️❤️❤️ Merciiiiiii @fionajane

deniszaytcev cool

timeoutbeats Love this!!

jwalks Sooooooooooo Gooooooood 🙏🏼🎶

erraticjay LiquidSoul all over

svartilaxness Fuck yes! S/O from Reykjavík Iceland

vard this made me pull out ma bass face

alphamemphis You are absolutely amazing. Love from NYC

crawford_irving Blown away full of the sniff loving this

hollyflo Got goosebumps girl!!!

krafty Damn! Those are some classic vocals right there!

thefilthybarkid Absolutely incredible ❤️

maskamilla Loving it 👏🏾👏🏾👌🏾✨

marack Let's make some music beautiful

citizendope Fricken unreal yo! Most angelic voice tho!

citizendope Is this a cover or did you write this! Either way...salute! Bravo! Still floored by ur voice!

nicothebeast Super dope.

fionajane Thanks everyone @citizendope yes I wrote :)

docskeng That voice!!

r2dawizzo Dopealicious

steveyp Wow!

alicemary Girrrrrrl ❤️

da_ruff_poet Hey long time

da_ruff_poet 💥💥💥💥💯

jaysu My best feat ever! ❤️

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lrd 🔥🔥🔥

jaysu Hohoho 😍 I love it! Thank you @fionajane

tdot Wow!!

nebula_beatz ❤️

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Happy brapp
Beat by jaysu
Petit trip sur cette prod plustot cool et joyeuse de mr jaysu !! big up a lui #boombap #brapptag #jaysu #frenchi... read more


jaysu @keiosxlek , Biiim merci poto ça tuuue sa mère!

keiosxlek ahah merci gros !!

keiosxlek jvien de tchek ton soundcloud c'est mega lourd quand tu veux on s'fait une collab :)

quantumatics Bien👌

jaysu @keiosxlek Q̾u̾a̾n̾d̾ t̾u̾ v̾e̾u̾x̾ m̾a̾ g̾u̾e̾u̾l̾e̾!!!!!

jaysu 😜

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jaysu @keiosxlek / à toi de jouer l'artiste! 🙃

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