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bevouille Paris

timeoutbeats Love it!

bevouille @timeoutbeats hey thanks the beat is so cool

bevouille @h3tbeats

bevouille @Jaysu

omolina O

omolina @omolina muy buena música

bevouille @omolina

omolina Need more of your music

bevouille @omolina follow Beverly B. My facebook page

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beeunreal Kilburn

albadman awesome! luv the phrasing

vincedaffon Amazing yesssssssssssssssx

sicksixet This is gorgeous

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jaysu France
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keiosxlek @jaysu bruuuhh !!! nouveau tel mamen !!

samstalks Sick flow

keiosxlek Thank you duude @samstalks

starseedbeats Lourd le flow ! Bien joué

keiosxlek Cimer maggle !! @starseedbeats

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keiosxlek bruuuuuuuuuhhhh

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nikimukhi Dubai

Beat by jaysu
Starting the day with some early #guitar vibes. @jaysu the beat is


raad Yeah man

easyd This is lush dude!

thefilthybarkid Smooooth

b_clever That's sounds nice bro

alphamemphis Peace from New York, this is smooth!

erraticjay Wow........ Prolific

nikimukhi Big up guys!! @raad @easyd @thefilthybarkid @b_clever @alphamemphis @erraticjay @domin8ion @savu @jaysu @iamsaintpaul

raad Yowza

nikimukhi Thanks @ppull :)

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equalmeasure Goin in @familia !! . Peace

thafamilia Bless @equalmeasure

thafamilia Sick beat @jaysu

jaysu Thx @familia ! Dope rapping!

thafamilia Thanks bro bless @jaysu

thafamilia @calmdowncolin

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nikimukhi Incredibleee

raad so good

amfs Fucking voice!! Gwan gurl!


ravage Wow

jaysu Merciiiiiii @fionajane

deniszaytcev cool

timeoutbeats Love this!!

jwalks Sooooooooooo Gooooooood

erraticjay LiquidSoul all over

svartilaxness Fuck yes! S/O from Reykjavík Iceland

vard this made me pull out ma bass face

alphamemphis You are absolutely amazing. Love from NYC

crawford_irving Blown away full of the sniff loving this

hollyflo Got goosebumps girl!!!

krafty Damn! Those are some classic vocals right there!

thefilthybarkid Absolutely incredible

maskamilla Loving it

marack Let's make some music beautiful

citizendope Fricken unreal yo! Most angelic voice tho!

citizendope Is this a cover or did you write this! Either way...salute! Bravo! Still floored by ur voice!

nicothebeast Super dope.

fionajane Thanks everyone @citizendope yes I wrote :)

docskeng That voice!!

r2dawizzo Dopealicious

steveyp Wow!

alicemary Girrrrrrl

da_ruff_poet Hey long time


jaysu My best feat ever!

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jaysu Hohoho I love it! Thank you @fionajane

tdot Wow!!


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Happy brapp
Beat by jaysu
Petit trip sur cette prod plustot cool et joyeuse de mr jaysu !! big up a lui #boombap #brapptag #jaysu #frenchi... read more


jaysu @keiosxlek , Biiim merci poto ça tuuue sa mère!

keiosxlek ahah merci gros !!

keiosxlek jvien de tchek ton soundcloud c'est mega lourd quand tu veux on s'fait une collab :)

quantumatics Bien

jaysu @keiosxlek Q̾u̾a̾n̾d̾ t̾u̾ v̾e̾u̾x̾ m̾a̾ g̾u̾e̾u̾l̾e̾!!!!!


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jaysu @keiosxlek / à toi de jouer l'artiste!

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