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Joe Brown @jb's cover photo on Brapp.


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newancients Beat is ill as fuuuuuck!

5stageneral What's a fella gotta do to get hold of some of these beats????

dizraeli Yes mate very tidy. Props

genghisdaze Pure

missmiakang Seriously


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oldie but goodie


tomryan Such a sick beat man.i absolutely love this

jimiriddlz Second that

brokenlandbeats @tomryan @jimriddlz thanks

mojo You crazy for this one

nikimukhi Vibes! X

rhymasaur Just dropped a verse on this beat, to test the app out. I hope you don't mind @brokenlandbeats...

brokenlandbeats @rhymasaur course not, got ya. This is the main purpose of this app right?!

rhymasaur S'pose so only just got it today

rhymasaur I took it off going to reupload with the instrumental louder later on