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Josh Christian Rasmussen

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jboss1989 Flows! Vibes!

viciouscreep sheeesh

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jboss1989 Ooooooiiiiiiiii!!! So cockney! Sooooo decent! Wicked bars bro! Keep em coming mayne! bless up!

nebula_beatz daaaamn

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jboss1989 @10teal Tbf... This beat has your name all on this!

jboss1989 North Carolina to East London. Let's go! @10teal with the trill bars

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jboss1989 Oiiiiii!!! Love this one son! My first collab. The stateside flow has me GASSED! Thanks man. Appreciate the vibes!

jboss1989 Yoooo! Shawesh... I've stuck up some new beats... Let's see if you can go over any of them... I need more of these bars broz! uk to states! Let's get something on the go.

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shawesh Yeah man I'll spit something to this no problem, let me thumb through some pages or may just write something new to it