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nikimukhi Beauty!!!

eclipse76 Very soulful

nikimukhi @seemorebeats you got something for this?? X

jdanproductions Thanks @nikimukhi @coolsocks

jdanproductions Respect @_quietknoght_

mrconcept lionel would destroy this :)

jdanproductions @mrconcept haha I see what you mean, would like a nice vocalist to ride on this

jlanetmusic I love this!!!

ziontist this sounds blessed

jdanproductions @jlanetmusic thank you

jdanproductions @ziontist bless up

jdanproductions @4evablessed big up I sent you s one instrumentals btw

_chillmode_ @jdanproductions aye.

e This is insane

thesoulsinger Yo this track is

jdanproductions Optional("")@e thanks man

jdanproductions Optional("")@soulsinger21 Bless fam


kiki03 Makes me think about Aretha


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nikimukhi Nice!!

jdanproductions Optional("")@nikimukhi Respect bro

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bevouille Paris

dubdiggah bring it to a studio

bevouille @dubdiggah hey thanks I'll have to make it better first Ahahah


bevouille @timeoutbeats


specialists awesome, you hit them notes, nice range!

bevouille @lethaldave

bevouille @specialists hey thank you

eclipse76 Absolute

bevouille Optional("")@coolsocks


cydemc Hey .. do you want to colab on something

bevouille Optional("")@jdanproductions I really love that beat

bevouille Optional("")@cydemc Why not, but how ?

cydemc Optional("")@bevouille what’s your email ?

bevouille Optional("")@cydemc add me on Instagram « _bev_ouille_ » ;)

cydemc Optional("")@bevouille couldn’t find you mine is Timii_daneil

bevouille Optional("")@jdanproductions can I have your contact please ?

cobes Biggg!

bevouille Optional("")@cobes thank you

jdanproductions Optional("")@bevouille Yeah no worries, I've added you on Instagram


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nglbeats Fire bro !! Check out my beats

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