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Coventry, UK

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aemzo Yes I dog ! Catch me on insta @aemzo_official On gram

jdogg Yes! Long time no speak just dropped a follow (shuffsandmut) hope all is good @aemzo

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nuriel Exeter

gwop FLAMES FAM !!!

raad Fire


jdogg Hardddddd reposting this

jeaniusbeats Fye!!

kidcrisisbeatz Rap on my beats


hublechild Hard yow

stillg Dope Man

guineto_beats Fire


khalibeats Fire tho, nice flow!

primatebeat Big up from french

oujii Nice flow, cypress b-real type

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raad Boom

jdogg @raad respect

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jdogg @Kayos bless up for sharing

kayos @jdogg bro keep it up man!

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aemzo Ireland

jdogg Good to see you back

jdogg Make sure you lot follow my girl @aemzo she’s so persistent in her work and is talented to the maximum !

aemzo Optional("")@jdogg yoooo j. Thank you ! Hope ur bless and still killing it too

jdogg Optional("")@aemzo your welcome I’m blessed now that I’m back on it go check the new ones out hope everything is good your end

zealous1 Thank you I felt a really good spiritual vibe prophetic reminded me of worshiping with people that flow with new song anointing freshness very rare to find someone that has that.....I would imagine sweety that there's a war wageing ....when much is given much is required...a prophet has no honer in his home town ....people can be cruel a jewel ....keep it up

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jdogg Coventry
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jdogg Coventry

Keeping the content up now im back
Beat by hovabeats


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jdogg Coventry