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@jetlag's cover photo on Brapp.

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jackiebond Denver Lyric Opera Guild

jetlag This is fire my dude!

jackiebond yeah, me and trip gon collab on some shitz. figured id see how well the compliment eachother...and sounds good to me...

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jetlag coming with that heat bro!! I dig it

trip_hakksaww U uploaded that joint at the right time even tho I got upwards of 4 digits worth of bars that’ll fit that type of heat! Sick track dude...I’m a fan, down to work/collab! Get at me...

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jetlag Houston
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zarahjones Burnham Market

Cut me loose
Beat by jetlag
Wavy sunday afternoon feels


jetlag I dig it!!!

zarahjones @jetlag great beat

lazemz nice

zarahjones @lazemz thank you loving your beats

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kmamusic This gave me an old school vibe

jetlag @kmamusic haha that’s pretty much where I was going with this one. Like an old school freestyle beat. It reminds me of keep it real by milkbone. Just not near as cool haha.

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jetlag I dig this bro!!

kmamusic @jetlag

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jetlag Houston
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jetlag Houston
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jetlag Carlsbad
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jetlag Houston