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raad Big up @jhotrock with the versastyles

jhotrock Ahhh much love and respect brother @raad

shapeshifta yes mate! big ups

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No love
What do they have for us?


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elph !!

slyq yooooo sick bars bro got a good flow goin

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Beat by druid
from 'Creatures Of Habit' out now at #boombapfestival



quantumatics Dope

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rebelaca Enjoyed that man. Very cool. So chilled your flow

mskal so coooool

kyu_tracks Smoooth!

djevidenz could almost swear it was digable planets

lrd Dope. Need u on one of mine bro. This is sick

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figarate Dope as per chess

deadott can't wait for that album!

golden_nine Heavy!!!

cecilmcfarrell Yes Chess. BOSS

cratedivizion Been Smashing It For years,Much Respect Chester

prysds BOSS.

jyager @chesterp nothing but fire brother always from day

3000bass YES! Biggup!!

eriddla the don!

illuminative Fucking huge wrecking the BRAPP scene incredible

illuminative More than just an MC, so humble, watch this guys interviews, such an inspiration

sosouthern So cold

bigsmokinjoe sick! just watched the doco too, big ups and all the best for 2016

sizezero #Inspiration

majestic The nicest

mcprincewayne Sick as usual braap

ashtheauthor Too dope! When is this dropping?

binakaj Yo P.. Check out my beats for rap

scratch4cash Good to see the Chester p

lowlife Sick


pyne King chess' salute

kyu_tracks So SICK!

lrd GOAT

prysds @chesterp have you got a contact I can hit you up on bro?

ezragraymusic sick

joe_seeds Yessss!


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User @jhotrock's avatar
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hollyflo @elph

djshorty79 Dope! Good luck!

shayd Done!

hollyflo @efex

hollyflo @elph sick beat

hollyflo @cloudy @efex you were there when someone called an abulaaance

hollyflo Thank you @shorty79 @shayd xx

elph yeahhhhh big upppppppppp

harvsletoad Yh niceeee

efexuk Dope!

vicebeats Yes holly! This is dope x

offcutt Sickness Holly Yes-i

joeshire here arise the new queen of brapp - big up

chesterp Nice one holly X

hollyflo Tanks a mil you lut

hollyflo @chesterp ah thanks x

misscmcdj Yes! Love it! Wicked lyrics! Beautiful voice and on point flow! Go girl! Hair looks great too!

bahia Love ur voice

hazelkari yes yes !

elph just re-appreciating how sick this is

hollyflo Saaaafe guys

foreignbeggars super

foreignbeggars super

bigsmokinjoe proper dope

evalazarus Fire!!

physiks wicked! lovely singing at the end too.

ladysanity Vibesss!

mysteryc Wicked!!!!

engineercooks DOPE. peep the beats.


mckoutbiggaman cute... ;)

mckoutbiggaman cute... ;)

djside good vibes

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good morning
download creatures of habit


hollyflo GOOD MORNING! So RnB I love it

efexuk Yes!

browne Fucking beauty!

eightysix PERFEK

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