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Jimi Riddlz

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lrd Sick

jimiriddlz Nice one buddy


geebag Heavy

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jimiriddlz @tomcaruana #superfunky

challis_uk Big!

golddubs Sick flow! Hype!!

lowlife I like this man !!

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adibanti This beat is sooo liiiiive!!!! Respect!!

jyager For real this is dope!!!

stnmn This is brilliant

insight You just made curt cataract let out a strange noise and say THAT IS KILLER.

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jimiriddlz @jeffnangmusic beat is so heavy I think I popped a vein in my forehead!

jimiriddlz @chromeandblack @gizmo shouts to the Graf heads!

jeffnangmusic OIIIIIIII BRUV UR SICK, killed it


gizmo Bless up! @jimiriddlz

djoneofakind Yes jim

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oldie but goodie


tomryan Such a sick beat man.i absolutely love this

jimiriddlz Second that

brokenlandbeats @tomryan @jimriddlz thanks

mojo You crazy for this one

nikimukhi Vibes! X

rhymasaur Just dropped a verse on this beat, to test the app out. I hope you don't mind @brokenlandbeats...

brokenlandbeats @rhymasaur course not, got ya. This is the main purpose of this app right?!

rhymasaur S'pose so only just got it today

rhymasaur I took it off going to reupload with the instrumental louder later on

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jimiriddlz @brokenlandbeats lovely beat to spit to!

golddubs Dope combo!

lowlife Big bars

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jimiriddlz @thelastskeptik Love the horns on this one!


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Lickle ruffy


jyager Sick riddem g

skitz Thanks bro just testing the water! Big up

foreignbeggars @Hoyx you know dis one you cuzzi..

hoyx @skitz respek Bredda! Really like this one! I would love to write and record summin on it for my next project! Would you send it to me?

skitz It's just a little loop at the moment bro.. But yeah as T La Rock once said... 'It's yours !'

hoyx @skitz super über dope!

skitz @hoyx haven't forgotten you dude.. Just ain't been in my house!! Soon come

hoyx @skitz no worries brozay... When you're ready

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pstormdubai Fire I'm jumping on this shit right now