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Jimi Riddlz

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lrd Sick

jimiriddlz Nice one buddy


geebag Heavy

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jimiriddlz @tomcaruana #superfunky

challis_uk Big!

golddubs Sick flow! Hype!!

lowlife I like this man !!

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jimiriddlz @jeffnangmusic beat is so heavy I think I popped a vein in my forehead!

jimiriddlz @chromeandblack @gizmo shouts to the Graf heads!

jeffnangmusic OIIIIIIII BRUV UR SICK, killed it


gizmo Bless up! @jimiriddlz

djoneofakind Yes jim

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jimiriddlz @brokenlandbeats lovely beat to spit to!

golddubs Dope combo!

lowlife Big bars

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jimiriddlz @thelastskeptik Love the horns on this one!


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jimiriddlz Props to Sherlockbones with the bangin beat to bang the bars on!

sherlockbones Big ups man, killed it!

2shy Tidy brv @jimiriddlz

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benny777blaze That's big! sick bars

jimiriddlz Nice 1 bredda...Where about's r u based in Essex?

benny777blaze West mersea

jimiriddlz Safe mate... Colchester's my home away from home

benny777blaze Small world mate. Hit me up on my email:

lowlife Bad man!

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User @jimiriddlz's avatar

jimiriddlz Big up richyspitz on the heavyweight beat

nikimukhi Yeah man!!

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lowlife Jeeeehhhzzzz!! I remember bumping this in my boombox! Sick tune!