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Timothy cautious

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viciouscreep Sittin On a park bench, listening to this :) lit

vitaminggg @viciouscreep hahah , safe man!

budhoundz Sounding sick man!!!

raad legit

lrd Big

slyq nice man!! big respect

vitaminggg @steezymcgee bless bro, nuff love peeps!

twiggzggg your such a little cunt...

vitaminggg @twiggzggg butfuckit .no homo.

harvsletoad Kipper gang!

harvsletoad Illeh

sksjdj Bitch

vitaminggg @tramer Que?

sksjdj FUCK YOU maricon fag

sksjdj Salute my Bitch :)

vitaminggg @tramer think ur confused puto

vitaminggg @graciegrey whatever floats ur goat ;)

mvr lllooooolll ummbbrroo


madengo @vitaminggg serious illness yo! killer flo, strong messages - mad propers

vitaminggg @alexnstewart @illiterate_ safe as fuk, appreciated!

madengo Notathing bro - creditgivenwheredue

hank_hiller Yeah killer

harvsletoad U got a funny walk mate

slyq Was cool to see you on stage at boombap mate good set well done

mrslipz Fire man hope u enjoyed the sun

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harvsletoad Heaty!!!

quantumatics Good combo

jimmydanger Safe guys

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silverback Woooah.

physiks Killed it brother! All 3 times!! Bless.

oozhe FIRE!!!

grillo Great stuff!!

2shy The don

badhabitz Too much g, and that physiks beat!!! Woiii!!!

challis_uk Illy combo! Big ups

3mebeatz Yes P

themez Straightttt up and down!!! Bodied!!!!

andyphylum chesssssss MONSTER so much love man


leafdog fire!

lafferdog New album?


skillmitchell Pow!

taiwo Mad excited for the album bro! This is FIRE!!!!!

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ptredeyez Too much man! One of my favourite Braap artists. Big up

vitaminggg @ptredayez ay thanks bruv!

raad legit!

donniekebabroll Yh bro ur ite lets do suttin yeh

ptredeyez Where are you my g? You got a do another video!

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harvsletoad Owh shit

harvsletoad seriously tho who else in the chosen few got this flava lets b real not hating but jheeeeeeeze this is

jazzychavo aaa ye!!!

shotgunshell This BANGS so HARD!!!! Big!


vitaminggg @shellyskrufayce safee!


ladysanity Flows mad!

vitaminggg @ladysanity nice 1 !!

normoddity Yo!

mvr too nice for real man


joeshire Ugghhhhh fireeeee!

saulthesame My donnnn! Heaattyy

timeoutbeats Dopeness

mskal you kill them!!!!

nook fuckin sick big up

plainview piss taker lad

wish Hard check me if want collab

foreignbeggars Yo dude!.. You got selected for the final round.. Says you have 24 hours to get your barz in

vitaminggg @foreignbeggars yooo yes geez , iiiiight standard!

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vitaminggg @boombapfestival

remulak Smashed it

vitaminggg Safe man!


raqueldivar Nice riddims

eightysix MURDERATION . Yes @vitaminggg

2shy Big

chesterp Smashed it! Big up

joeshire killed it G - wher da fuck u popped up from big up

budzggg one timee

vitaminggg Respect yallll!!!

jazzychavo uuuugh!!!

soilitos00 yes

offcutt Yes-i killed it

plainview gwan lad

twiggzggg goat dem massacre!!

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jaykonis Flows on point bruv


datavelli #deltabravokilo #dolebenefitklaimerz #drunkenbunchakuntz #dontbumkidz #dobunkronik #dontbotherkid

dosgringos Kill every beat!!'

rahjconkas Yeh man!!!

raad Sick bars @datavelli sick beat @physiks

harvsletoad I don't give a fish cake !!!

vibes That is fresh as

kayghost Hahahahaha maaaad

pyne Dope

emceegoldy Illest, word up son..

prysds Where breddahs shift weight in order to get their sick pay. On point as ever G

lukefluency Silky smoov grimey ass groov

leonpiers yes lad

el_jistos Dude you killed this.

dombele Yhh that's sick

codymoore96 Prime as


dukeboxbailey Bruvvva this is freakin killa..mad props

fromthesoul1990 "Where every sunny day, is still a dim grey"

budzggg your a gully muffuka



xavrmusic goin in!!!

ludwigvandub yeaaa

User @ragnboneman's avatar

nikimukhi Sickkkk

evalazarus Jheeeeeez!

danger Certified!


clouddddd9 Real talent!

illinformed sick cuuzin!!

b3fambusiness Unreal man do your thing

kashmirs Heavy bro

mcsubliminal Smashed it as always bro! Check my put that soul on me freestyle!

skpropergeez My Don

sykotix SAFE

dhuz Brutal voice!!!!

orkeztra you're a monster mate!

alicemary That voice

ludwigvandub yeaa really niice voice brotha bless you

shacks U like my ting bro