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Jim Screechy

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dezoulmeet yes sir!!!!

nikimukhi Sick

jayprophit kick knowledge

gold1ne Shiffa Dan!!

jimscreechy @shiffa bars


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im reloaded!!! Must be the drugs!!! let that sink in!!! @bankboy @jayprophit @pseudonym @amyjbless @knify @g3nes12... read more


gold1ne The groove is maaad!!!

leonfyah Oooooooo that sound is irie

jayprophit yeah this ia a mad 1 still jazzy n funk in 1 with a hiphop boombap feel!

muqataa BIG!

lepero wwoooow

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gold1ne London

bankboy Flows

gold1ne Safe G...short and sharp

gold1ne Safe G...short and sharp

gold1ne Safe G...short and sharp

gold1ne Safe G...short and sharp

gold1ne Safe G...short and sharp

gold1ne lol why this thing post the comment 100 times

jayprophit fire!

jayprophit nice for that

jayprophit need to get that 1 recorded with a hook!

gold1ne #NoHooks #Bars

nevahrest Gwaaan


gold1ne Big up! @raad @nevahrest

nevahrest Safe g. Every one is a killa

rizz bars for days bro #mad

gold1ne @rizz respect!!

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bankboy London

gold1ne Sick

jimscreechy fiiiiireeee!!!!!!

bankboy The beat is maaaad b!

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gold1ne That voice!! Collab anytime b!

bossyb Thanks @gold1ne not sure how to collab?

gold1ne Well do you have a studio to record in? Where you based?

jimscreechy soulful man....nice vibes @gold1ne nice beat too

gold1ne Safe guys

royaltynice21 Dame baby you have a great voice like to hear more from you soon

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jimscreechy Had to switch coasts for a hot second!!!@bankboy @pseudonym @amyjbless @knify @g3nes12 @gld1ne @elhawk @timeoutbeats @2heavy @nikimukhi @foreignbeggars

jimscreechy @jaydoom

gold1ne Dat DPG ish!!

bankboy my nigga... bomb!

jimscreechy big up for the likes and plays!!!

illuminative So ill bro

jimscreechy @mchedges respect brudda the love is appreciated...

jimscreechy @mchedges im loading more bullets in the clip every 2 or 3 days...ill keep you posted....

illuminative Yes G

illuminative Keep up the fire production check my s

illuminative Stuff

illuminative Thanks my g

jimscreechy @jprophet big up for the reposr

jimscreechy reposr

jimscreechy loool!!! repost!!!

jimscreechy @blurum big up for the loading more bullets in the clip every 2 or 3 days...stay tuned!!

jimscreechy @amyjbless big up for the like...dropping new trracks every 2 or 3 days so stay tunes b!

jimscreechy @bankboy im waiting for the vid on this one bro!!!

bankboy say nothing fam... I got u

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jimscreechy Grown Man Bars is suttin they gotta deal with!!!! Fire bruddah.... Bless!!!!

gold1ne Flaming words!!!

da_ruff_poet Good looks yall peace

jimscreechy @da_ruff_poet @bankboy @pseudonym @amyjbless @knify @g3nes12 @gld1ne @elhawk @timeoutbeats @2heavy @nikimukhi @foreignbeggars fresh one from the vauit!!!

jimscreechy called Watcha!! check it when ure ready!!!

g3nes12 ILL!


blurum13 (W)rap like mum ra.... lol dope

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jaydoom Hull

JayDoom Freestyle 5
Beat by jimscreechy
Big up jimscreechy for the beat. Fucked it up a bit at the end ha. Let me know what you think


jimscreechy Thats what im talking about!!!! Baaaaarsss!!!!

jaydoom Thanks man. Respect for the beat!

gold1ne Flames!!

jaydoom Thanks bro!

jimscreechy @jaydoom @bankboy @pseudonym @amyjbless @knify @g3nes12 @gld1ne @elhawk @timeoutbeats @2heavy @nikimukhi @foreignbeggars fresh one called "Watcha!!" fromt he vault ready for more bars!!!


jaydoom Safe man!

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thaprofessional SLAZZY 94S

gold1ne Mad!

jimscreechy fuckin with that rare groove shit all day!!!

jayprophit Classics all day.

illuminative ill producer